Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Don't Know What To Do - I'm SO Mad!

I received an order for 15 personalized tote bags, and I was thrilled, because I thought that money could go towards Christmas. Now, I'm stressed, depressed, and angry, because I ordered the blank tote bags on October 1, and still have not received them! I've called the company and left them at least five messages on their answering service. I've also sent them e-mails. However, they have not bothered to reply to me. They have my money, and I do not have the product I ordered, which also means that I cannot complete the order that I received and get paid for it! I don't know what to do at this point.
The company's website says that they ship orders "same day", and they even have a little map that shows that estimated delivery time to me would be TWO DAYS! I ordered them on October FIRST!!!

I don't want to place an order with another company for the same tote bags without knowing what is going on with this company first! Basically, I wouldn't be making anything on the tote bags if I have to place another order with someone else! But, these da*n people won't reply to my phone calls OR my e-mails!

I am SO mad and upset. The least they could do is reply and tell me that they aren't sending the bags, so I could order them from someone else! But they don't answer their phone, and they don't reply to the messages, and they don't reply to e-mails. UGH! I am so, so upset!



Wanted to stop by and say thank you for all of the lovely comments that you have been leaving me lately - please forgive my tardiness in doing so.

I can truly sense your frustration with this predicament and I think it's pretty darned poor customer service that these people cannot respond via email or phone and let you know what's going on with your order. Hard to believe that they don't answer the phone either. Have you done business with them before? Are they reputable?

Good luck - I sure hope that it works out though I'm sure right now you are under some major time constraints with your project.

Christine and FAZ

Don't worry just yet, most companies usually say 28 days for delivery. I hope they arrive soon.


Oh my, how awful! I can imagine how stressed out you are right now because I'd be freaking out too.

Maybe you could order just a couple from another company so you can get started on your project.


That is so frustrating!!!! I hope it gets resolved asap. :(

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