Thursday, October 11, 2007

I NEED A Basement NOW!

Last week, the guy who is going to pour our new basement walls comes in to 'inspect' things. He informs my husband that he needed to cut more of the basement floor away. There was a miscommunication between the two men (go figure - men not communicating). So, husband worked and worked to bring said wall-less basement up to wall-man's satisfaction.

Here's the conversation husband and I had:
Me: "Is our basement going to EVER get finished?"
Hubs: "Yes 'our basement is going to get finished'"(in a very mocking smart a** tone)
Me: "Before Winter?"
Hubs: "Yes, Wall-man is coming on Monday to get started, as long as..."
Me: "As long as WHAT???"
Hubs: "As long as it doesn't rain"
Me: "Oh GREAT, now you've done it! You just jinxed us. Now it will rain. Quick wood... knock on some wood. Would you knock on some wood already?"
Guess what happed half of the day Sunday and ALL Sunday night??? Oh yes, it rained... and rained... and rained.

Phone call from Wall-Man "I won't be able to pour the walls because it rained"
Thank you ever-so-smart-one. I would have never figured that out!
Hubs: "I will pump the water out and it should dry out rather quickly."
Wall-Man: "Let me know"

Hubs calls Wall-Man
Hubs: "We are ready to get started. It's dried out now"
Wall-man: "Ok, I'll be there tomorrow"
Hubs: "How long will it take? The reason I'm asking is because I was looking at the forecast and they are calling for rain again ALL DAY Saturday, Sunday AND Monday"
Picture Me in the adjoining room freaking out... totally freaking out!
Wall-Man: "I'll be there tomorrow

Wednesday a.k.a. Yesterday a.k.a. Day Wall-man would get started
Wall-man stopped by around 4 p.m. after calling to say that he 'got stuck at another job' and that he would stop by to 'inspect' again
UGH!!! Can you say UGH???

Me: "IS he going to do the basement walls? I mean really? IS he, or does he just like stopping by to look at our wall-less basement???"
Hubs: "He's going to get started on it tomorrow"

This morning:
Me "Where IS he???"
Hubs: "Oh, I thought I told you. He won't be here until after Noon"

SCUSE me - it's 2 Freaking O'clock my time - NO Wall-man... not even a phone call???

I have no basement walls. I lie in bed and listen to critters playing in my basement... probably sorting through my stuff deciding what they would like to chew or poop on next!

Wall-Man... calling Wall-Man... come in Wall-Man... We have an emergency.

Did I mention that they are calling for three days of rain starting THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW??? Geesh.

Anybody know how to do an "anti"-rain dance???

Tell me again why I agreed to move here?



I'm doing the anti-rain dance right now for ya. If you lived here in AZ, you'd NEVER have rain!!! LOL

Have a great day.

Mom Knows Everything

Just be glad that you're not married to my husband. He would have started mixing up cement and slapping it on the walls himself, he won't have even called a wall man. I am very thankful we don't have a basement because he would have wanted to do it himself and the house would have fell down. LOL

Mom Knows Everything

P.S. I'm getting Aidan to do an ANTI-RAIN dance for you now.


Sounds familiar. Fortunately, we got the contractor out of the way before we moved in. (He & his lackeys did a pretty sloppy job...)
I'll practice the dance tonight...after I do the fix-our-finances dance.
Good luck!


I'm doing the dance too--you shall have your basement. Wall man--is he nice to look at? j/w


I feel your pain so much that I've got my clumsy, no rhythm body doing the anti rain dance for you. Not sure how much good it'll do you. I've been doing it all summer to no avail. ;)

I hope you get your walls pronto!


I'll tell you what. You give me the rain you don't want, and we'll trade off. We've had nothing but sunny skies forever and could use some rain so we don't run out of water in the next couple months, at least storage wise.


I will never have a house with a basement. For this reason.

I am late posting because I have been so busy latey with a honey do list that won't go away.

I hope your walls are up. If not I would be having a long talk with Mr. Wallman.

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