Sunday, October 28, 2007

I'm Not Pouting... Maybe Just A Little

I think I'm dealing quite well with the fact that our plans were ruined last night. I wasn't disappointed just about last night. It's the fact that we moved out here to supposedly have a better life together. However, we hardly cross paths, and we hardly talk. So, where's the 'together' part? We've been planning on going out for weeks now, and each weekend, something changes those plans. Oh well, I guess there is always next weekend, I'm just going to try not to get my hopes up, because I don't want to be disappointed again, if something comes up and ruins next weekend's plans too.

On a side note, I was seriously taken by surprise the other morning. My in-laws came over, and I was in the bedroom, putting things away and making the bed. I heard my husband tell them that I'd be out in a minute. I was wondering why in the heck they needed to see me. No, I don't hide from my in-laws ;-) Who would do something like that? ;-)

Anyway, when I came out to the kitchen, my father-in-law gave me a big hug (that's not unusual - we are very close) and then he held something up in front of my face. I took it from him, and it was a check! AND, it was made out to me! What the heck? I stood there dumbfounded and asked "What's this for?"

They proceeded to tell me that it was for all the extra work and time I expended making the sale of their farm go through. OK, yes, I DID in fact go above and beyond, but for them to recognize that? Huh, something is weird here. Then it dawned on me. I didn't say anything, until after they left.

Then I asked my husband, "G, why do you think they decided to show their appreciation now when the sale of the property took place over a month ago?" Hubs replied that he thought his dad had been wanting to do that for me for awhile (which would make sense too - cuz he appreciates me). Then I said "Oh no, Dear, think about it. They just returned from a trip back home." Hubs stood there looking at me with that "I don't get it" look on his face. I said, "I know exactly what happened here. When they got back home, Aunt J could not wait to sing my praises. She always sticks up for me, she always appreciates me, and she always makes a point to make sure other people appreciate me. No Dear, Aunt J is responsible for this. I'd put money on it!" Hubs started laughing and said, "Yep, I bet you are exactly right. I'm sure she had a part in this."

Aunt J is my husband's aunt. She is wise and caring and one heck of a cook :-) She has welcomed me into that family and shown me enough love to make me feel like I am her second daughter. When I am busting my butt and feeling like no one recognizes or appreciates anything I do, it is Aunt J who notices. She is such a special person, and she also created and raised two totally awesome kids. I can't wait to see her when we go back home to visit at Christmas!!!


Mom Knows Everything

Can I give you a hug too for being so nice to me? {HUGGGGGG} Your the best!!!!

Lawn Mower Queen

You neglected to mention she's my mommy...and the bestest mommy ever. :o)

Wait until you see what my parents are planning to do you next. I got the test run. I will happily be their guinea pig!


Miss you!


I understand your disappointment. Hubby started working nights again during the summer. We are literally like 2 ships passing in the night. We do not really get to see each other until the weekend. I really hope you get your night out this weekend. Ya'll need it.

What a sweet Aunt J you have!

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