Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Indians Pull Through

My heart can't take this! The game started at 4 in the afternoon my time and didn't end until almost 9 p.m.!!!

It was one to nothing, Yankees favor, for what seemed like endless innings. I paced, I rocked back and forth while hugging my Ohio blanket that my step-daughter made for me, I stood in front of the TV hugging my Jhonny bobblehead and sending subliminal messages to my guys, I yelled, I danced, I about had a heart attack several times, and I think I quit breathing a few times too! I was talking through instant messenger with my friend Bear the whole time. He helped keep me under control, while he was probably laughing hysterically at my insulting smart alleck comments to the announcers. He would leave his computer for a little while to watch the game, and then some heart stopping moment would happen, and he would come back to the computer and simply type "Breathe Misty, just breathe". Thanks Bear!

It was the 7th inning when my husband said "They better get a run to tie it now, because they won't be able to after this inning." I rudely snapped asked "And, why not?" He replied "Because NO ONE hits off of the Yankees' closer. Just no one can hit off the guy."

Well, in the 11th inning (yes, there are only supposed to be 9 innings, but my Indians wanted to see how long I could hold my breath), we finally won it! Thanks Travis Hafner!!! I screamed, jumped up and down, went running through my house, jumped in the air and kicked my filing cabinet, and didn't calm down until a few hours later. Geesh, they're trying to kill me.

I do have a couple comments about the season so far...
First, during the first game (Thursday), there was some question as to if one of the Yankees' hits was actually a home run or if it was foul. As our manager Eric Wedge went out to talk to the umpire, I couldn't help but die laughing... The umpire saw him coming and said "Hey Wedgee, how are ya?" I about died. "Wedgee" ahahahahaha

Second, Travis Hafner was named the game's MVP last night because he made the winning hit. That's all great, and I was thanking him telepathically for making that hit. However, (forgive me Pronk) but I seriously think that our pitcher, Fausto Carmona, should have been named the game's MVP. His pitching was absolutely amazing, and he really showed how very talented he is.

I'm afraid that before this series is over, I'll be hunting down some announcers. They are really getting under my skin!


Smalltown RN

What an avid and loyal fan you have never been attached to any sports teams....I enjoy sports alot but I never get wrapped up in the team stuff....well unless it is playoffs and my Canucks are in them...then that is a different story......glad to hear your team won.....



There's still at least two more games to play, Mist. Just remember to breathe 8v)


Just popping in to say hello!! Hope you're doing well.


Congrats!! I'm so happy ya'll are kicking the Yankees bottoms. Especially since our ex Andy Pettitte pitched last night. I really hope when our ex Roger Clemens pitches ya'll spank them even harder. Hee!

Mom Knows Everything

That sounded like an exciting game. hate watching sports on tv when it's a really big lead, I'd rather it be close and exciting.

Mom Knows Everything

I'm tagging you with the desktop meme!

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