Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's All On My Homepage!

I took Stacey's advice (since SHE was the only one who answered my last 'So Tell Me' post... just sayin). I started checking out the Google Reader. Now, I am in the process of switching over to Google Reader.

And, per the advice of my partner-in-crime, I started looking at Google's calendar too. She had already, long ago invited and got me hooked on gmail. I (heart) gmail!

The coolest thing of all is Google has created so many tools... the email, the reader, the calendar, etc, etc, and since they are all by Google, I can make iGoogle my home page and voila... I save myself time! See, I usually boot the computer, and then proceed opening Firefox tabs (by the way, I heart Firefox too... another thing I can thank my partner-in-crime for). Well, if I utilize all of these handy dandy Google Gadgets (Hey... I like that... Go Google Gadget!), I save myself the time of opening up something like three different windows! Yay, I'm all excited now!

I know, I'm really behind with this stuff (Go Google Gadget Go! hehe sorry). But, I'm catching up now. Next thing, after I have my homepage, email, and blog feeds organized, I need to organize my bookmarks (Oh what a mess they are in... I'm so embarrassed).

I'm off to get organized now! Go Go Super Google Gadgets... (getting a little too carried away with that, aren't I?)



I love google reader! It makes blog reading so easy.


I can advise but I cannot be organized myself---get down here and fix me! xoxo


Um, hello! I answered too! :P

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