Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Little About Us

I was tagged by my very good friend Tammy at Mom Knows Everything for a meme called A Little About Us. It's a meme about my husband and me.

1. Who is your man? Jim
2. How long have you been together? 7 Years
3. Dating/Engaged/Married?Married for 6 years
4. How old is your man?43 years (don't tell him I told you!)
5. What’s his middle name? Oh, he would certainly kill me if I told

You or your man
1. Who eats more? Definitely Hubs
2. Who says “I love you” first? Definitely me, and I've been accused of saying it too often
3. Who weighs more? Hubs
4. Who sings better? Me
5.Who’s Older? Hubs by 11.5 years
6. Who’s smarter? We are both smart at different things.
7. Who’s temper is worse? Hubs
8. Who does the laundry? Definitely Me
9. Who does the dishes? Again, definitely me
10. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?Hubs, if we sleep in the bed instead of on the couches
11. Who’s feet are bigger? Hubs
12. Who’s hair is longer? Mine
13. Who’s better with the computer? Me
14. Who mows the lawn? Hubs, because he drives a tractor to do it
15. Who pays the bills? Me
16. Who cooks dinner? We both do - I do more often, but he's definitely a better cook!
17. Who drives when you are together? Hubs
18. Who pays when you go out to dinner? Me
19. Who’s the most stubborn? This is a tough one - we can both be stubborn at times. My grandpa often said to me, "Honey, I can't believe you actually found a man to marry who is as stubborn as you!"
20. Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Definitely me! Hubs, and certain members of his family, are NEVER-EVER wrong!
21. Who’s parents do you see more? Hubs
22. Who named your dog? All three dogs are rescues and were already named - but I gave them their nicknames
23 . Who kisses who first? I usually initiate a kiss
24. Who asked who out? It was sort of a mutual thing - once we started talking as friends, eventually we both knew that we wanted to be together
26. Who’s more sensitive? Me-No doubt about it
27. Who’s taller? Hubs
28. Who has more friends? Me-cuz I have online friends (even if they aren't 'real' friends-sorry, long story)
29. Who has more siblings? Hubs-he has a brother and a sister. I am an only child.
30. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Well, Hubs definitely makes all the decisions, but I do all the behind the scenes stuff to make it all work.

I tag: Girl Gone Wild (Bible Style), Jolene at The Middling Monettes, and LMQ at Tales of the Lawn Mower Queen


Mom Knows Everything

You're an only child? There are many days that I wish I was an only child. With 4 brothers and 3 sisters life can get a little hectic when we all get together. LOL


Why do the women always seem to have more friends? LOL, I think it becomes some kind of contest :)

The Owners

I did it Misty!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Oooo...I'm on it...think looks like fun!!


Seems most hubbies sleep on the right side!

I count online friends!

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