Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My First Ten On Tuesday

This is my very first Ten on Tuesday but, I saw this week's post by Bubba's Sis, and I decided I wanted to do this one, because I love to talk about television, movies, and books. Looks like I won't have any problem with next week's either.

10 Television Shows You'd Like to Have (or Have already) on DVD

1. House (I want to own every House show ever!!!)
2. Grey's Anatomy (I own the first and second season, so I need the third)
3. CSI (The original series in Las Vegas)
4. 24 (all seasons please)
5. Wildfire
6. Prison Break (because I meant to watch it, and never did)
7. Dharma & Greg (I LOVE Dharma. I bought the DVD set for my boss, and now I want it!)
8. M*A*S*H* (Love that show, besides, my boss calls me 'Radar')
9. Home Improvement (Love that show too)
10. Lost (because it was recommended to us, but we never watched it)



ooh! I love Dharma too!

Mom Knows Everything

House is my absolute favorite! I love him, he is so cool!!!


House is incorrigible!
I'm so sorry Dharma & Greg aren't rerunning in my area anymore.
I love Dharma and Greg, there parents are the best!


You will love Lost! Make sure you watch from teh beginning.

I would love to have Will and Grace!

My mom and dad have all the seasons of MASH. I love that show as well.


*grins* I actually wrote my list up. And nothing on our lists match up.


Yeah, MASH was great. I've not heard of Wildfire. I should track that down.

Nikki Neurotic

I'd like Heroes as I missed the first season except the first few episodes and really liked it.

I have all but the last season of Gilmore Girls on DVD, I love that show, always makes me laugh.

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