Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Need Suggestions For Furniture Stain Removal

When we got this new furniture three short months ago, one of the reasons we picked this furniture was because it is made with this new microfiber fabric stuff (say that three times fast). Anyway, it is supposed to be very durable, which sounded great to me, since I have three dogs. It is also supposed to be nearly stain resistant. Hub's cousin owns the furniture store where we bought the furniture. She told us that she and her son put this stuff through the test and the only thing they found that they couldn't remove from the fabric was permanent marker. Well... I've got one for them... TAR. T. A. R. = TAR... stuck on the arm rest of my almost brand new couch!

Hubs and father-in-law were painting the new basements walls with tar... then they came in for lunch. I had put an old blanket down over the couch, but I guess it didn't work well enough, because the other day, Hubs noticed the tar on the armrest. UGH. I've been trying to get it out... it won't come out! It's not really that big of a spot, and most people wouldn't even notice it... but I KNOW it's there... so it's bothering me! Seriously... it's bothering me... like I just sit here and stare at it... I've declared war on this blasted spot... it cannot survive! There is not room in this house for the both of us!!!

Any suggestions would be seriously appreciated!



Nope, nothing. I'm the queen of not-knowing-how-to-clean! And don't see that changing anytime soon. May I suggest new furniture is in store? I think that's my answer. Yes. New furniture. xoxo

Mom Knows Everything

Dude, why didn't you come to me first? With all the kids in my house I am the Queen of Stains. I once got chocolate pudding out of a white curtain.
Suggestion #1 -
Take a bag of ice cubes and sit it on the tar. Let the tar freeze and then try to peel it off.
Suggestion #2 -
Scrap/peel/pick off as much tar as you can then put WD-40 on the rest. Bloat it in with some paper towel and let sit for a minute. Wash off with some warm soapy warm and rinse.
I would try the #1 first, depending on if the dye in the couch bleeds. It shouldn't though, most couches are color proof.
Let me know if the tar comes out. ~TAMMY~


Poor Hubby got us a similar couch. Pale, pale beige. Not the color I would have gone with! They lie, that stuff does stain! I'm in the market for a handheld steamer so I can clean the it without having to blot the entire couch with "clean white cloths." Seriously, who has time for that crap? Good luck!


I've actually heard that Whink (rust removal stuff) can get out anything. I would color test it on a not obvious spot though.

;) Out damn spot, out I say!


OH dang. Ash beat me to the quote.

Sorry, I have no suggestions. I was just hoping to be the clever one. ;)

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