Monday, October 29, 2007

Pictures & Still No Totes

Met this Praying Mantis the other day. It was nice enough to pose for a couple photos for me...Then I took it to the tree, told it thanks for the photo session, and let it go.
I also discovered this Red Headed Woodpecker...
It was hard to get a good shot of him, because he was too busy to pose for me.
And, in the spirit of Halloween... the full moon...

Again, this morning, I called the company that I ordered the 20 tote bags from which I haven't received. Again, I got the answering machine. I can't believe this company doesn't answer their phone! I left yet another message... I think this makes six messages I have left them and two e-mails, with absolutely no response from them.

I paid for the bags through PayPal, and I was getting ready to file a complaint through PayPal this morning. But, something stopped me. I guess I'm just too da*n nice and always trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. I always give more chances to make a wrong a right.

In my message to them this morning, I stated "If you aren't going to send the bags, at least just tell me. At least return my calls!" So, I've set a deadline. If I don't hear anything by Wednesday, I will leave them yet another message and then file a complaint with PayPal. Then, I will have to find a different company to order from. It's just so aggravating!


Mom Knows Everything

Kick their butt! If they don't respond by that date I would definitely complain.


loved the moon picture.

yeah...if they don't respond, file with paypal.


You certainly have a lot more patience than I! I already would have demanded my $ back!

The Egel Nest

Love your pics...hate to burst your woodpecker bubble...but as a bird enthusiast...that is a downy woodpecker...(A red headed woodpecker actually has a completely red head)

Love all the pics though!

Cool praying mantis pics too!

The Egel Nest


Great pics! The moon was my favorite.

Tomorrow is your deadline. I hope you hear back from that irresponsible company. If not, kick some butt!

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