Thursday, October 4, 2007

Please Gamble Responsibly

If I were a betting girl, I'd be heading over to to do a little sport betting on the Cleveland Indians game today. I'm sure you all know which team my bet would be placed on.

At bet365, they have a full range of betting facilities. It's pretty amazing. I've been known to make a small bet here and there, but this website is like being at a real casino or sports betting facility. They even have online poker. I'd have to have someone teach me what all the betting jargon means. My husband might be able to teach me, since he's been to the casinos in Las Vegas. He really wants to go back there again someday. He especially would talk about it when I would call him and tell him how much I had just won on a scratch off ticket that my boss bought me. I've been quite lucky on those.

Did you know that my husband proposed to me at a horse racing park? We even won one of the bets that we placed on a horse! That was quite the night.

If you enjoy betting, is as far as you need to go to have all the options available right at your fingertips!



Poor Hubby & I only bet on stuff we have control over. So it's only cards & pool games for us! In fact, we used to literally live off of pool tournaments & Poor Hubby won a down payment on one of our cars playing poker.


I'm not a gambler because I hate losing, the only thing I have a go at is the lottery - but only £2 per week.

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