Monday, October 8, 2007

Portable DVD Player

My boss has a habit of seeing some technological gadget that someone else has and running out to purchase one for himself. Then, I usually have the duty of teaching him how to use the new gadget that he bought.

One thing that he purchased and he absolutely loves is his portable DVD player . When work would be slow at the office, he would run down the road to rent a DVD. He would return with DVD in hand and pop it into his portable DVD player, which would be set up on his desk. This way, he was able to watch a movie that he had been wanting to see, and still attend to work matters. If he received a phone call, he'd just hit pause, take the call, and then resume watching his movie. It really was an awesome purchase that he has got many hours of enjoyment from. He even takes it with him on vacation so that he can watch a movie anytime he wants.

Seeing how much enjoyment he has got out of his, I've considered adding a portable 10 inch DVD player to my Christmas list. My family members could simply go to and pick out the perfect player for me!



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