Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sinus Problems Again

Yesterday, I felt fine. I even had all sorts of ideas running through my head and was feeling pretty good about things.

Then, at 3 a.m. I woke up with my left ear full of fluid, my nose stuffed up, and the feeling that someone has my face in a vice grip. I have never experienced this many sinus infections before... not until the move.

I don't know if my body is just trying to get used to the new state or what, but, all of a sudden, I'm sneezing more and waking up with sinus infections more often than I ever did. Even my husband has commented that he sneezes more here than he ever did before the move.




Okay, this is gettin' weird! We've been having the same problems nearly @ the same time & it's kinda creepin' me out! :) I was just thinkin' this morning that maybe all I needed was some precipitation to make my allergy/sinus issues go away, 'cause my nose is finally acting closer to normal. I've personally noticed that the change in seasons, especially weather-wise, has an effect on my sinuses. I wish you a change in weather & happy sinuses! :)


I'm no expert, but have you tried taking Benadryl before bed? I have pretty bad allergies (especially to ragweed). I take Claritin D during the day when it gets bad, and just 1 Benadryl at night. It helps me anyway. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Mom Knows Everything

I think you're allergic to your new state. You better move to Canada and become my neighbor. I hope you feel better soon!!!!


Hope you are feeling better really soon. I know when we used to live in Kansas I had all sorts of allergies and sinus infections so it could be the new state. Sending positive get well vibes your way!

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