Monday, October 29, 2007

Small Town Laughs, News, & Gossip

Last night, my mother-in-law's cousin was hosting a dinner for many of the cousins in the family. So, my husband and I attended. I was dreading it all day and kind of trying to think up excuses to use so I wouldn't have to attend (I'm a homebody, ya know).

Anyway, I didn't get out of it and we attended. I have to admit that I had a good time. When you get all of them together, and they sit around telling their stories, you can't help but laugh. They each have his/her own opinions, which each is more than happy to share. They each have his/her own stories, which are still hilarious even though I've heard them before.

We had just finished eating, and I heard whispering going on at one end of the table. Finally, one of the older cousins calls my husband by name (actually she called him by a name that he was called as a little kid, which he absolutely hates). She then informs my husband that they are all wondering about the ticket that he got. Ohhh boy. I immediately started telling him that I didn't say a word... it was NOT me who said anything to anyone. They all looked at me like I was a complete moron and said "Well Misty, it was in the newspaper." Geesh, my husband's little bitty ticket that he received from a game warden in June makes top news. After the ticket was explained, it was discovered that many people sitting around the table, those who had lived there most of their lives, didn't even know about the law, and, therefore, you couldn't blame my husband for not knowing since we had just moved there. My husband's aunt then proceeded to lean over (she was sitting next to me), look me in the eyes, and say "Nothing is secret in this county." Oh yes, small town life... ya gotta love it.



My worst nightmare. Poor Hubby once suggested we move to his family's land...where everyone lives in trailers about 100 yards from one another. I asked him how much he wanted to become a bachelor again...

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