Thursday, October 18, 2007

So Tell Me... It's All About Organization

I'm feeling very unorganized right now, and it's driving me crazy! I like to be organized... almost a little too much, I guess. For example, my bookshelf is arranged like this: One shelf, alphabetized hardbacks written by male authors (first alphabetized by authors and then by title). The next shelf is, of course, the alphabetized paperbacks written by male authors. And, of course, two shelves organized the same way for female authors. The other two shelves are misc. books organized by subject first, and then alphabetized by title. Oh yes, it's an obsession. No, I don't suffer from OCD, just some OOD (obsessive organizing disorder).

So, I need to organize:
1. My firefox bookmarks - oh man, I have let this get WAY out of control - MUST create subject folders and give those dangling bookmarks a proper home!
2. My blog subscription feeds - I have SO many blogs that I love and check regularly. But, I also have blogs that I have subscribed to so that I can find them easy when I want to check them. I MUST get this organized - it's driving me nuts!
3. My bills/taxes/QuickBooks stuff... uh yeah, I'm hanging my head in shame... serious shame. It's what? Oh, it's October, almost November? Gee *blush* I haven't even started entering anything into QuickBooks. I can hear my husband and me screaming at each other at tax time already!
4. My photos - these are in serious need of organization. Wish I could find a program to store all of my photos on and easily look them up by keywords, dates, etc.

So, here's what I need from y'all. You knew that I'd be asking something of you, right?
What system do you use to organize/store your blog feeds?


Google Reader?

Something else?

I've been using Bloglines, but I have had Google's tools very highly recommended to me, several times. So, I'm especially interested in hearing from any of you who have experience with both and what you like about one over the other, etc.

It's not just the Google Reader thing that has been recommended. There are a whole bunch of Google tools that have been suggested to me, including the calendar feature, and I've been told that they all can work together... oh, I love it when everything works together ;-)

So... what are you waiting for??? Give me a comment with your expert advice and opinions - This IS "So Tell Me...", ya know!



Google, Mist. It's all in the Google! Now....if someone could just come over and oranize my WHOLE house, I'd be a happy camper. xoxo


Yep, google. I like that it ties in with Picasa and youtube as well.

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