Monday, October 1, 2007

So Tell Me...

Do you use any type of special commenting system?

I installed Haloscan the other day, and it has not been pretty. I'm not bashing on Haloscan, because I think it's pretty cool! Unfortunately though, after I installed it, all of my comments that had been posted before installing Haloscan disappeared. Plus, I already made a post about my header disappearing. And the Haloscan can't connect to my blog to get the titles of the posts that the comments have been made on. So, I get a list of comments, but I have to guess which post the comments was made on.

So, even though I like the concept of the system, I decided that I wanted my old comments back, etc, etc. So, I was going to 'uninstall' HaloScan. But, guess what, I can't figure out how to take it out of my html code. I'm not html savvy enough yet to understand this.

Oh well, enough of my complaining. My 'So Tell Me...' question for you is:
Do you use a special commenting system/software/site? Tell me about your experiences.



Mom Knows Everything

I haven't changed the original template of my blog because I'm too scared that I would mess it up. I don't know anything about Halo, but did you try to select a new template from blogger. It probably would get you your old comment section back, but that's just a guess. Try googling it, when in doubt I always google. ~Tammy~


If you need help just let me know. DOH just noticed you got back the blogger commenting system :P
Ummmm as far as commenting systems... I've only used the system that came with the program I was using. The reason was so that I didn't have to rely on another company for the commenting. If their server went down it might not be evident right away on my blog, but if my server went down I'd know right away. I hate to out source unless totally necessary.
I gotta fire off an email to you. I have something you might be interested in!


I told you why I don't use Haloscan. I prefer the ones that come with blogs because it's easier to alter what I need to. I like making my life easy. Haloscan used to go down way to often for me.

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