Wednesday, October 10, 2007

So Tell Me...

What did you think of House last night?

I'm sure you'll be totally surprised to hear that I bawled when they brought the dog over to the bed. And then when I realized the dog was dead, oh the tears were streaming. Of course, I was sad for the guy too (Gosh, do you think I'm heartless), but he wanted out of that body - to him, it was a blessing.

So, what'd you think? Do you think that Foreman is going to try to come back?
I did think that it was a little hokey how Foreman's situation after leaving, was an exact replica of House & the team. We have a House clone now in Foreman.



There was a lot of "awww-ing" at that part, but you shoulda heard me @ the beginning when it looked like the doggie was gonna get hit. I was screamin' @ the TV. "Not the dog! No! Not the dog!" (Eh, who cared about the guy, I was worried about the dog!)

Crazed Nitwit

Which is exactly why Foreman left in the first place. Irony is a bitch. LOL. I have to watch my dvr I missed the first 20 minutes. House doing the knife into the socket was totally stupid tho. Plus don't sockets have circuit breakers on them so you cannot electrocute yourself? I liked last week better. Hugs.

Mom Knows Everything

I cried too when the dog died. I thought the chick was going to hit the dog in the beginning.

House has to get his original team back. Foreman is a doorknob for leaving the way he did. I realize it's just a TV show, but he wants to be House and just won't admit it. I do like that old guy on the team now, the one who isn't really a doctor. I also like the guy who played Kumar in the movie about the guys going to White Castle.

Gotta go, baby crying. ~T~


I missed House! I'm kind of glad I did if there was a dead dog :(

The last episode I saw made me cry. The girl was so bloated and injured, etc, that they had a case of mistaken identity. That was crazy.

I loved the parts where the other doctor kidnapped House's guitar and tortured it though. Hilarious.


Apparently I am missing something very good? Is House the show with the crippled doctor? I think I might have seen it once. Hope all is well, Mist, I adore you. xoxo

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