Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ten On Tuesday #2

This is my second Ten on Tuesday.

10 Things That Worry Me/That I Worry About
(I'm such a worrier that I'll have NO problem with this one)

1. My Marriage Falling Apart
2. Losing the People I Love
3. Finances
4. My Dogs
5. Failure
6. Natural Disasters
7. My Father-In-Law's Health
8. My Husband Being Accident Prone
9. Not Being Good Enough (yes, I have very low self-esteem)
10. College Work/Tests/Grades

I could continue this list on and on. My husband often says "If my wife didn't have something to worry about, she couldn't survive!"


Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

As women, I think we are wired to worry. You and I have several worries in common on our lists. But worrying must work - because usually when I worry about something it doesn't happen!


I'm with ya... Poor Hubby once asked me what I was so worried about & I told him. He asked how many of those things I had control over. I told him none (& really I didn't @ that time!). He pointed out that worrying over something I have no control over is a pretty big waste. I agreed. It helped. To think I'd spent years in therapy just trying to get that. Sheesh! I still worry about stuff I have no control over, but I generally tame it after a bit.


I'm a big worrier too. But after the past three years we've had, going through a lot with our son, I feel at ease with a lot of the stuff that used to worry me! LOL


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Oh Misty.. I'm right there with you!

The Egel Nest

I try not to worry too much...but my mom and wife are constantly worried about everything...I think it is a woman thing...but I would not worry about it :)

The Egel Nest


We have some worries in common. My husband is amazed that I don't have an ulcer with all the worrying I do. I try not to worry, but those demons come out anyway. Besides, like Bubba's Sis said, everyone knows if you worry, it won't happen. ;)


Lots of common worries, that's for sure. I'm getting more and more depressed as I leap from post to post.

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