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Ten Years Meme

Stacey at JameeForever has tagged me. She probably did this to get back at me for all the memes that I have tagged her with, but that's ok. You see, I like memes (Don't tell Stacey, or she'll quit tagging me ;-) This is the Ten Years Meme - Gosh, I hope I can remember ten years back, since I have trouble even remembering what day it is now!

Ten years ago, in 1997
Gosh, that's a loooooong time ago... what was going on in my life?
1. This is the year that I got out of the abusive relationship. It truly was God's intervention. Ok, I'll tell you the story, since I know that you are dying to hear it. I can hear you out there chanting "Come on Misty, tell us the story!"

You see, after my divorce, I was feeling very low and had no self-esteem whatsoever. So, I fell into the first relationship where I thought I was 'needed'. Oh yes, I needed to feel needed. I was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally. I was also isolated from my family. Now, when I think about it, and I think "How in the heck could I allow that to happen?", but at the time, I thought it made sense because he 'needed' me so much. Anyway, after two years of this, I had given up on everything. I honestly didn't 'feel' anything anymore. I was just a shell of a human being, in bad health (wasn't allowed to go to doctors either), and with no more emotions, because I had shut those off after about six months into the relationship. So, for a solid week, when I would lay down to go to sleep, I would pray and pray. I remember that I kept asking over and over again - "God, please just give me a sign. Just let me know. If this is the way I am to spend the rest of my life, then I just need to know. Otherwise, if I am intended to get out of this Hell, please give me a sign." At the end of that week of praying over and over again, every night. I was at work and I received a phone call. The phone call was from an uncle that I hadn't spoken to, seen, or heard from for over three years. As soon as he heard my voice, these were his words - "Misty, it's your Uncle R. I've heard that you are in a bad situation, and I'm going to get you out of it. I've already got a plan, and you are going to go along with it, because you are too good for this." I started to do the normal arguing and excuses that abused women do - "I'm okay, really. It's not too bad. OK, here's the truth, he has told me many times that if I try to leave, he'll kill me." BUT, then it smacked me in the face - Misty - you have been asking for a sign and here it is. I mean, I hadn't talked to this Uncle in over three years and now he calls me up and just blurts out the words that I had been asking God to tell me. Oh yes, God was listening, and he answered my prayers - he sent me a sign. I will never ever doubt that was what it was.

I guess I'm supposed to type three things, but after that long drawn-out story, I should probably just move on to the next question of the meme. Besides, that was the biggest event in my life then anyway.

Five years ago, in 2002
1. My grandfather (the one who raised me) passed away in July. He was always the rock that held our family together. I never imagined that I would ever walk into that house and he wouldn't be there. It was and still is very hard.
2. My grandfather's passing started some battles amongst his children. The man who held us all together, the one who was afraid of passing because he didn't want his family to fight, was not there to straighten everyone out and tell them to grow up and act like adults. The arguments were also extremely hard on me.
3. My husband and I had our one-year wedding anniversary in August.
4. I have to add one more - my dad and I clung to each other in the hospital, when we knew that my grandfather was going to be gone. Many words were said, and many realizations were made, and, as a result, we began developing the wonderful relationship that we have now.

Three years ago, 2004
1. My grandmother (the woman whom I called Mom) went to be with Grandpa in Heaven, after many, many years of being a victim to Alzheimer's Disease. I spent a sleepless week at her bedside, just waiting. We knew that she was going, and we became the victims of having to sit and just wait.
2. I had to struggle to keep from falling completely apart with the realization that both of the most important figures in my life were now gone.
3. Tag joined our family in May, and Molly joined our family in July.

One year ago, in 2006
Oh gosh, this one could go on forever - there was SO much happening and so many changes.
1. As a result of some big changes in our area, we made the decision that we needed to move our moving date up. We had intended to not move until my step-son had graduated, but the changes that took place financially required that, we needed to move sooner.
2. The amazing friendship that I was developing with my partner-in-crime became even more stronger, and resulted in my heart breaking when she moved away and wasn't my neighbor anymore. I was very happy for her and the opportunities that were in store, but I was selfish and didn't want to lose her.
3. We started the long process of packing and preparing for our farm auction
4. Have to add this one too - I joined a forum that one of my favorite authors created, and the friendships that I was blessed with from that forum will be lifelong friendships.

So far this year, in 2007
1. Our farm auction took place on April 14 - that was a sad day, and I had to keep telling myself that even though it was an end, it was also a new beginning
2. With my dad along for the drive, I moved to the new state on June 1. A few too-short days later, my dad got in my husband's truck to head back - I didn't stop crying that entire day. Ok, I'm crying now just typing this.
3. My passion for photography grew, and I began making an effort to take photos at every chance I got; I started a blog, thanks to my partner-in-crime, and discovered some wonderful friendships; I began working from home and started the struggle of proving myself.
4. Yep, I'm adding another one - Maggie May, aka Puppy-Doodles, joined our family (and it will never be the same LOL)

1. Blogged, as always
2. Went to visit some friends and took the long way so I could take photos
3. Watched my Cleveland Indians (we will ignore that they lost)

1. Blogging
2. Have done some Virtual Assistant work
3. Going to watch my Cleveland Indians WIN, while, hopefully, eating a Whopper!

I guess we are supposed to do tomorrow & next year, but it will probably be more of the same. Besides, I can't predict what will happen, only God knows what is in store for me (I sure hope it includes moving my dad and his wolf out here!)

I'm going to leave this as an open tag, because some of my friends are going to disown me if I tag them yet again ;-) So, if you want to do this - I'd love to read your answers.



Isn't it funny how we never know what path our lives are going to take?


Okay, this is my first visit and I am already hooked! Wow, what a life you've had. I can't wait to dig into your archive!

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