Monday, October 29, 2007

That Dog

Other than my dad's Wolfdog, Tag is the most intelligent dog I've ever encountered. I've had smart dogs, but Tag is pretty amazing. Unfortunately, no one gets to see that side of Tag other than my husband, step-son, and me. Why? Because Tag is NOT a people-dog. He is totally and completely devoted to my husband. In fact, I have no doubt that he would give his life for my husband. He might do that for me too, but I'm not sure, because I definitely do not rate as high and the Hubs in Tag's book.

Tag is known as "that dog" by any neighbors or friends who have had the pleasure of meeting him. My husband often jokes "Poor Bubby" (a nickname) "No one understands him like we do." Then again, I don't think Tag really cares if anyone understands him or not.
We believe that the reasons behind Tag's being over protective and over possessive are the facts that in his previous home, we believe he was disciplined physically and then ditched at an animal shelter. When I went to meet him at the shelter, he wouldn't even look at me. His defense mechanism was to not make eye contact. He was shaking and scared. But, for some reason, even though this dog obviously just wanted me to leave him alone, I decided that he needed to come home with me. That was in May of 2004. Now, his whole life revolves around my husband, working on the farm with my husband, and chasing/biting the farm equipment.
I've always been able to count on Tag to get excited when he realizes that I'm excited. He'll dance around with me and jump up and down while I jump up and down. And, when I'm in a rather philosophical mood, he lies there looking into my eyes (he does that now) and raises one of those brown eyebrows at a time as he analyzing what his crazy mom is saying.
That's My Boy and that's "that dog".



Oh I feel like I know "that dog" now. (smile) What a sweet post...and a lucky dog!

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet

What a cutie! I have a golden retriever....aren't doggies the best?!


Your pups are so darn cute. That dog is a good name for a dog. I miss having a doggy friend.


Heck yes he's your boy! Tag's mighty handsome, not gonna lie about it! Fun post, Mist. xo

Mom Knows Everything

"That Dog" is such a beautiful dog!!!


What a beautiful boy and story. It made me a bit teary.

The Egel Nest

That second picture looks like Tag has a house on his head!

The wicked Tag of the east!


The Egel Nest


"That Dog" will be utterly devoted to you for as long as you have breath. You saved him. I heart that he makes eye contact now. He knows his safe.

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