Thursday, October 4, 2007

Today Is The Day I've Been Waiting For

Yes, I know that you are all probably very tired of hearing Misty go on and on about her precious Cleveland Indians. But, guess what... It's MY blog! so nana nana booboo Besides, you seriously do not know the withdrawals I have been going through. It is just not the same hovering over a computer to hear what they did... I wanna SEE it darnit!

So, this evening (6:30 ET on TBS) the Indians begin the playoffs against the Yankees. At 5:30 my time, I will have tossed all the phones out in the yard and heated up my leftover special pizza. I will be stylin' in pretty much every piece of Cleveland Indians apparel that I own...No, scratch that, cuz that's a LOT of clothes... hmmmm, I'll wear a different outfit for each game - yes, that's it! So... where was I? Oh yes, I will be stylin in Cleveland Indians apparel, including my Chief Wahoo bellybutton ring ('cept I don't own any Indians sweatpants - yet - must take care of that soon). And my husband will be forbidden to touch the remote (I do own guns, I'll remind him). You see, he has this horrible habit of changing the channel 'just to see what's on during the commercials' - then he starts watching some other show and forgets to change it back and we miss half an inning!!! So, the remote is off limits.

Don't worry, I'm not one of those people. If we don't win (which we will), I won't be all whiny and pouty tomorrow. I realize that it's just a game (that we are going to win). And, I don't take it too seriously (like planning my whole day around it). Only eight more hours to go (WooooHooo)



I certainly hope your Indians do better than the Cubs did last night! However, I'm still hoping for that Cubs vs Indians World Series. The Cubs like to make things exciting. Just look at the way the clinched the National League Central Division. 8v)

Mom Knows Everything

I'm Canadian so it's all about hockey for me, but just for you "GO INDIANS GO!!!".


Enjoy your game, Misty Dawn! I do hope the Indians crush the Yankees!Next year will be the Astros' turn, I just know it!

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