Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Viral Linky Linky Loo

I've been reading a lot of viral link posts on the blogs that I frequent, so I decided that I need to do my part to reciprocate. I got this list from Cariboo Ponderer

She says if you want to see your blog readership grow add this list to the bottom of a post on your blog and add your blog link at the end after the dash. Put in a dash after your name just to keep the code simple for the next person. Explain what you are doing to your readers and invite them to do the same.

So - let's build this up. I've added a few (OK - a LOT) of my favorite blogs if they weren't already on the list. If I forgot you, PLEASE leave me a comment, and I'll add you.

Cariboo Ponderer - Down River Drivel - A little piece of me - Empress Bee (of the high sea) - I was born 2 Cree8 - Untwisted Vortex - One Man's Goal - Echoes of Grace - AuthorBlog - The Post College Years - Nobody Important - BCMom - Turning the Pages of Life - The BiPolar Diaries - Cicero Sings - Cid69 - Inman Road Chronicles - Inner Dialogues - Me, My Life, My Garden - Small Town RN - Two Write Hands - Misty Dawn - SquareTan - Skittles - At your service - Ghosts in the Machine - Planet Saedel - A nice place in the sun - And miles to go before we sleep - Blackholes and Astrostuff - The Egel Nest - Mom knows everything - Life in Westcliffe - Dapoppins - Reba's Run - Time with Shelby - Hootin' Anni - Meeyauw - Carver's Sight or is that site - The Insane Writer - Dottie's Place - Tales Of The Lawn Mower Queen - JameeForever - Girl Gone Wild (Bible Style) - Just Call Me Part Of The USO - Bubba's Sis - The Middling Monettes - Twist & Skewer - Random Autumness - Rambling Shan - Wading Through My Stream Of Consciousness - A Bit Of Me - Mrs. Squidley's Place - Spilt Milk - Ramblings Of Maggie - Comedy Plus - The Dreamtime - Us Danes & Our Family - Little House On Wheels - Mother's Home - A Place I Call Home - BeccA's Buzz - Mama Pajama - Ash In Wonderland - Absolutely Bananas - Arkie Mama -


david mcmahon

Hi Misty,

Greetings from Australia. Thanks for the link. I am a friend of Vic Grace's and my blog is No. 9 on her list (Authorblog).

Do come and visit sometime. I'll put out the red carpet for you!




Hi! I've just posted one too, and you're on it. Will try to remember to ccopy/paste this one & publish in a day or two.


I just did on eon my blog too--thanks for including me :)

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