Sunday, October 14, 2007

Was Up Too Late - I'm Tired

So, the Tribe WON last night! Oh yes we did! FINALLY - after 5 hours and 20 minutes of baseball - we WON! It was seriously bad for my health - not only was I sleep deprived, I was also holding my breath, my heart stopped several times, I was near tears many times, and I made myself hoarse from yelling, cheering, and outright screaming... It was a terribly long night which stretched into the wee morning. But - we pulled through - we WON, and now, we head back to our home field and our home fans for three games - WoooooHooooo.

Ok, Ok, I'll stop there and spare ya the Tribe talk ;-)

Our forecast is calling for 70% chance of rain tomorrow, and THEN - oh yes - rain and thunderstorms for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday! What did I do to make Mother Nature hate me??? I've always been so respectful of her - I've always photographed her beautiful wonders and seasons... Why, oh why, is she doing this to me? All I want is some d*&m basement walls. I guess I'm expecting too much.



It's very nice here.

*Running away*

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