Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What A Great Surprise

My sister-in-law asked us to meet her at my mother and father in-law's house tonight. I didn't think much of it, because it is my mother-in-law's birthday.

I knew that she was planning dinner, so I asked what I should bring. She kept telling me that I didn't need to bring anything, which is very unusual. Normally, when we all get together, we all make and bring something to contribute. Finally, she told me that she had wanted to get together and do something for us for our anniversary, and it never worked out, so that I should just let her do this. Well... ok. I'm certainly not going to complain about not having to make anything.

So, we get to my in-law's home and my sister-in-law carries a box in. There's a whole lot of whispering going on in the kitchen, and my husband and I weren't allowed in there. When we were finally allowed in the kitchen, I absolutely couldn't believe it.

You see, there's a little pizza shop back home in Ohio that makes the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life. Every Friday night after work, I would go pick up our pizza on the way home (Yes, EVERY Friday night). The owner of the pizza shop started teasing me that after we moved to this state, my Friday night pizza run was going to get a lot longer!

My sister-in-law and the owner of THAT pizza shop - arranged it so that we could have his pizza here!!! He shipped four pizzas (partially cooked) overnight Fed Ex, so that I and my husband would be surprised! You ain't kiddin' TOTALLY surprised!

Gosh, now I'm stuffed. I brought leftover pizza home with me to eat while I watch the Indians play on TV tomorrow - wooooohooooo It's gonna be a great day!



Oh wow!!!!! That is such an awesome surprise!! What a special treat they did for you. :) Very cool.

We are from Memphis and love the bbq there. Texas bbq just isn't the same. I thought about Fed-Ex-ing some from our favorite restaurant. Til I saw the price. Needless to say, hubby didn't get a bbq surprise. Hee! 'Hearing' how happy and excited you are, maybe I'll splurge on it. We do have an anniversary coming up soon.

Nikki Neurotic

Hehe, that's really cool. I'll keep that in mind for my dad's pizza when I move away.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

THAT is totally cool! That gets my brain going on a few things. Hmmmmm....

Mom Knows Everything

That is so sweet and totally awesome!

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