Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wonder Women in the Blogging Community

I can't believe this... I honestly can't believe it! I was visiting Mama Pajama's blog today, and was overcome by emotion when I saw that she gave me this...
It's the Wonder Woman award! I am so honored to receive this, and it also gave me a chuckle, because, as you probably know, I've been known to post about people expecting me to "be able to be Wonder Woman, but I lost my cape". Well, I may not have found my cape, but now, even better, I have the award!

And then... then I realized that the sweet and generous Mama Pajama had previously given me another award awhile back that I haven't even posted yet. This one is extra special to me, because I am now a devoted blogger and have made so many very special and wonderful friends that has caused me to say thanks every night for being a part of the blogging community!
Can you believe this? I honestly am so touched that I received these awards. Thank you so much Mama Pajama! You truly have made my day... heck, you've made my whole week... probably even my month!

I will pass these awards on to my special friends tomorrow, because, right now, I need to go get ready... hopefully, the Hubs and I are going out to play pool tonight... I've been really looking forward to it, since we haven't done anything fun together for quite awhile.

I already have some specific people in mind to receive these awards... So, you'll have to come back tomorrow for the awards ceremony :-)


Mom Knows Everything

Congratulations!!! Very cool!!! Have fun playing pool. Once I actually hit the eight ball in off the break.


Came over from Ann's place. I think your blog looks nice. What help do you need? Congratulations on your awards. :)


Congrats on your awards!!! They are much deserved. :)


You deserve it. (smile) Hope you have fun playing pool. That sounds like a lot of fun!

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