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7 Random or Wierd Things About Me

I HAVE to do this meme, because I've been tagged with it THREE times!
I was tagged by Tammy at Mom Knows Everything - have I mentioned that she's my BBFF?
I was also tagged by Novel Happenings - there are some totally awesome dogs on that blog! - Have I mentioned that I like dogs?
AND, I was also tagged by One Gal's Musings - Yup, The Gal Herself tagged me. She's like famous and has her own star and everything. I wonder if she's met Tom Hanks. - Have I mentioned that Tom Hanks is my favorite actor ever? Oh yeah... the meme...

The rules are:
1. You link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. You share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. You tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. You let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

7 Things About Me
  1. One of my little, trivial pet peeves is getting my sleeves wet. You know, like when you're doing dishes or washing your hands and the cuffs of your sleeves get wet - Hate that!
  2. My first nightmare that I can remember was when I dreamed I had been shrunken and fell in a cookie jar and the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street was accidentally going to eat me. I woke up terror stricken and tried to call out for my grandma, but I was so scared, I didn't even have a voice. Somehow though, she sensed I needed her and appeared next to the bed and carried me out to the rocking chair to rock me back to sleep. (Yes, I had a fantastic grandma!)
  3. There's a sound that is made when someone rubs a calloused or rough hand or fingernail across their socks and it snags/catches the fabric (Really, there is a particular sound!). That sounds makes all my nerves go haywire and even makes my teeth hurt. Usually people have this reaction to fingernails on a chalkboard - I have it to fingernails on a sock (Hey, the rules said wierd or random things) My husband and step-son have an absolute ball with this one! They like to watch me cringe and run out of the room.
  4. I used to gamble with my church offering every Sunday before church. Before you gasp with disappointment - let me explain. My great aunt and uncle lived directly across the street from our church. We would visit with them for about an hour every Sunday before crossing the street to go to church. My great uncle is one heck of a guy. You know how we all had that one family member who would teach us things and then say "Don't tell your parents I'm the one who taught you that?" Well, that was my great uncle. He taught me to spit and taught me songs that Grandma wouldn't let me sing. He also would pretend gamble with me every Sunday morning (it was his way of helping me have more money to contribute to our church). Each Sunday, I would arrive at his house with two dollars for the offering - when I left his house to go to church, I would have TEN dollars for the offering :-) (Yes, he's still alive. He's 93 or 94 now and still ornery as ever! Oh, the stories I have of me and him!)
  5. I have my ears pierced, but don't wear earrings because the doctor pierced them crooked. If I keep my head tilted while talking, then they look OK. (yes, Grandma took me to a doctor to have my ears pierced)
  6. I can't stand black licorice. Even the smell of it (anise) makes me gag.
  7. I am very little, but I have very strong hands and am able to give shoulder rubs and massages that make people melt. My cousin says I have the strongest hands of any woman he knows. During the holiday celebrations, they all try to convince me to go around the room giving everyone shoulder rubs.
Tag seven bloggers - I'm going to break the rules here, because I think most people have done this meme. I mean, heck, I know of at least THREE bloggers who have done it, because they tagged me! If you multiply that three times the 6 bloggers (other than me) that each one also tagged - that makes 18 (add me for 19)... add in the other six people who were tagged when those original three were tagged and... oh never mind - you get the point ;-)

So, I expect 7 of my readers who have not done this meme to consider themselves tagged.



I'm coming over for my massage!! Those are wonderful--I learned lots from that post.

Mom Knows Everything

That is such a sweet story about your great uncle. I was a little worried at first, but it turned out so sweet in the end.


Thank you Misty for the award, I will get it posted tomorrow!

I love reading meme's...a great way to learn so much about one another...even the silly little things :0)

have a great night!

The Egel Nest

I ALSO don't like my sleeves getting wet...I thought I was the only one!


The Egel Nest

Heart of Rachel

Thanks for sharing these interesting things about you.

I could imagine how scary that dream was for someone so young. I don't think I would want to be eaten by Cookie Monster. I think Cookie Monster is adorable and hope that dream didn't make you totally scare of him.

Nice of your grandma to be there when you needed her most.

Amusing story about you and your grandpa.

A good shoulder rub surely makes a wonderful treat.

The Gal Herself

Thanks for doing this! Yours was delightfully random and lots of fun to read. You bring up an interesting point about the Cookie Monster: he is, after all, a monster; I wonder if other kids are frightened by him (at least at first). And I agree with you. THERE IS NO POINT TO BLACK LICORICE!

PS I've never met Tom Hanks. But I used to live next door to John Mahoney (Frasier's dad). Does that count?

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