Thursday, November 15, 2007

Banner Poll

Since Bradley from The Egel Nest left me a comment pouting and throwing a temper tantrum asking why I took away his beloved puppy photo in my banner, I decided to post a poll. I guess I should have been more considerate of my reader's feelings... I mean, my taking that puppy photo away, would be like... like if Bradley stopped posting photos of that most gorgeous, adorable, and irresistible Sammy. I must admit, that would send me into tantrums. Besides, that puppy photo has come be define my blog - like a logo. So, maybe I should put that puppy right back where she was and figure out another way to 'Christmasfy' my blog (although the green grass and daffodils in the photo don't really go with a Winter/Christmas theme). You, my readers, have expressed how much you like that photo, and hey, I'm here to make sure you are happy when you visit my blog. So, I will revert back to Miss Maggie May's photo until you all have spoken. Cast your vote in the poll on my sidebar. Whatever you decide - that's what it will be :-)


Mom Knows Everything

I liked the winter dog photo, but maybe you could get some Santa hats and put them on the dogs and take a picture of them. That would be a cute photo.


I'm not really sure how to answer this question. On one hand I really love the puppy picture, but on the other hand, holiday/seasonal photos of your dogs would be really cute too.


I like Tammy's idea of the santa hats for the dogs. That would be too cute. I was going to suggest having the dog "chewing" on a stocking or a christmas dog toy etc.. I like her idea. Very cute.
Thanks for stopping by and thank you very much for the compliment on my writing.


**psst!** I think you oughta do what you want with your blog! ...Just my opinion...


I'm with bundle...there should so be a fifth option which says "I think Misty Dawn should do what she wants" Can you add that? smile.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

I'm ditto-ing those guys up there ^

The Egel Nest

Misty are so cute! lol

I just LOVE that puppy pic :)

And I would NEVER deprive you of Sammy :)


The Egel Nest

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