Thursday, November 1, 2007


Being a lawyer, my boss goes to many different community and charity functions. He usually always goes to the reverse raffles and reverse auctions. At one reverse auction, he got me a Cleveland Indians afghan, which is one of my favorite possessions in the whole world!

Now, there is a website that does reverse-auctions. Here's the catch. You bid to have the lowest unique bid. Once the auction is over, if you have the lowest unique bid, you win that item, and you don't pay anything for it! They even pay the shipping! These aren't cheap prizes either, there are iPhones, HDTVs, and you can even bid on a cash prize.

In addition to the auctions, you can also enter a sweepstake or save up points for free gifts! They even have an arcade, where you can play games for chances to win free prizes, and even if you don't win the prizes, you still receive points that add up. If you like auctions and reverse-auctions, you'll want to check out this website.


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