Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blog Happenings Coming Soon

Well... whadda ya think about the blog being all spiffied up for the Christmas season???

Bradley - the puppy is still there... and don't panic... I will revert back to the original puppy photo after this one is done ;-)

I think there are going to be some major things happening at the blog...

1. I'm switching over to a three column template... I've been planning to do that for months, but I'm still nervous because I don't want to mess anything up. My blog is cramped and cluttered... it's starting to look messy and *gasp* unorganized (oh the horror!!!). So, my Christmas gift to my blog is that I will give it room to grow and breath... I will give it the gift of three columns. Ummmm... soon... yeah... I'll do it soon. In the new three column blog house, the blinkies will have their own room, the badges will have their own room, and the awards will be proudly displayed in the award room :-)

2. I'm going to have a contest. Oh yes I am. I'm not sure how it's going to work yet, but I've been thinking about this for awhile. So, I'm going to do it! Ummmm... soon... yeah... very soon.

3. I'm going to try learning how to do and make some of the cool blog-stuffs that some of you savvy people in blogworld make... you know like awards, custom banners, and stuff like that.

So, you see... you'll want to keep checking in here, because there are going to be big things happening...



Okay, I'll stand-by for the contest. Can you center your header? I think if you go into Blog Header (expand your template first) and then a couple pieces down you should find #header { on the second line you should see no-repeat left bottom; Change that to no-repeat center bottom;. Then preview to see if it centered. If it didn't just clear the edit. Hopefully that will work... Have a great day. :)



drop by and say "hi" :) Wow..contest? What kind a contest is that. I'll visit you again sometimes


Can't wait to see your new updates.

Hey, I just noticed your schmapp photos. I just got an email from them. They wanted one of my flower photos for schmapp detroit.

Mom Knows Everything

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Christmas look. Did I mention that I love it??? I want a 3 column template too, but I'm too scared to screw up my blog. When you figure out how to do it let me know okay. HUGS ~Tammy~


Love the Christmas decorations you've put up around here. I've been trying to think of some way to "holiday up" my blog a bit but don't want to mess up all the work that my blog designer just did! Perhaps I can find a small piece of mistletoe to hang up so that everyone who stops by has to give me a kiss? Lord knows I could use a Christmas kiss or two!

Looking forward to the contest, too! I loves me some contests!


Mist...first, when you coming to pick up your little wrinkle dog award at JameeForever? Hurry UPPP

Also, your blog looks amazing, you're a hero-blogger-decorator. So you need the Deck The Blogs button over there, then join the giveaway (it's no longer a contest) for bling and stuff...hurry over and do that!

Finally....If you do a giveaway, do your photos--and make that cemetery one part of the deal. I want it. I need it. It'd be amazing for Halloween! xoxox


Help yourself to the comment game. It's a great post when you are busy. Today we put up the tree, did bunches of decorations, and outside lights are in progress. So, post one of these and your folks will usually play along. So, help yourself my friend. Just don't do it more than once a week. Have a great evening. :)

Travis Cody

I like that generic term "soon". I'll never know when. Every time I click over here, it could be new and different. There could be a contest.

Very cool!


wow, I'm so excited to see this!! Your blog looks awesome all decorated for the holidays.


Ooooh, a contest!!!! Will the prize be one of your photos? I.Must.Win. if that's the case!

Heart of Rachel

I love your Christmas theme. Good luck on all your plans for your blog. I'm excited to see these changes unfold.


Waiting with bated breath...


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