Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blogging Addicts Anonymous

Last night, one of my best buds (Tammy) and I were chit-chatting on an instant messenger. I made the comment that I am truly addicted to blogging... can't stop... can't stop writing blog posts... thinking about blog posts... reading other blog posts... subscribing to other blogs... joining memes... truly. I.Can't.Stop.

Tammy joked that I should be the founder of BAA (Blogging Addicts Anonymous), which I thought was both appropriate and cute, since I was a sheep farmer before I moved here. Get it?"Baa" *snicker* *giggle*

Well, I'm here to introduce myself as an addict. After all, they do say the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem. Remember how I've mentioned that I obsessively somehow ended up subscribed to over 70 blogs, which I check daily, otherwise I end up feeling extremely guilty (like I've turned my back on family) and can't sleep or live with myself until I open that Google Reader and see that I've read

Today... I'm confessing here people... Today... I went on a binge... I fell off the blogging wagon... and I fell hard people. You see, I started innocently visiting the blogs that participated in Blogblast for Peace. I've visited a little over 50 blogs so far. * hanging head and whispering under my breath * and I've subscribed to about 15-20 more blogs. And, I'm not even done visiting the peace globe blogs yet!

My name is Misty Dawn.
And I'm a Blogging Addict.



My name is katherine...
I am a blog addict

BAA - a sheep.

(there were a lot of great peace posts weren't there....)

Mom Knows Everything

My name is Tammy
I am a blog addict.

You're too funny!!!

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