Friday, November 9, 2007

Brag Post & The Embarrassing Moment Relived

In case you didn't notice the new widget on my sidebar. Or, if you did notice the widget and wondered why in the heck I posted a widget promoting Nashville, Tennessee (which is a BLAST to visit, by the way)... Remember when I said I had a photo short-listed for inclusion in an online map/brochure? Well, TaaaDaaa... It was chosen. Pretty cool, huh? No, I didn't get paid for it, but I have a photo out there with my credit on it.

Honestly, I think I have better photos from the Nashville trip than that one, but hey, it's their Schmap (that's what it's called - a Schmap). And,(I can hear you asking and giggling... Gigi... Stacey!) YES, that is a photo taken after my famous embarrassing moment. You see, after the most embarrassing moment, when I found myself lovingly resting my head on and breathing just inches from a perfect stranger's ear... after that, no matter where we went in the museum, they (my newly adopted husband, his other wife, and their kids) were right there! I just wanted to drop behind one of the display cases and crawl all the way to the exit. The whole museum was empty, except for us and that family - why did we have to keep walking into the same rooms at the same time? Why? Because the Humor Gods wanted to make sure that my step-daughter truly got to relish her step-mother's embarrassment for as long as she could. Anyway, this photo was taken while I stared at the wall, because they had yet again walked into the room we were in... I stared, red-faced and humiliated, at that wall of posters for a very long time! I guess it's only appropriate it was the photo chosen.



Congrats! At least an embarassing moment paid off.


Hee! Murphy's Law states that your most embarrassing moment must never be forgotten. ;)


Congratulations - makes the embarrassment all worthwhile, doesn't it?!?


That makes it a very memorable photo, doesn't it?

It's cool to have your photos used by other people. I've had several of mine used for different things, and it always makes me feel good. It does always surprise me which photos they choose. They're not usually ones I thought were special really. Now, if I can just figure out how to get paid for some of these. Change the Creative Commons license, maybe?

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