Saturday, November 24, 2007

Deck the Blogs! Deck the Blogs!

This SO exciting!
I challenge ALL of you to join Deck the Blogs!
All you have to do is decorate your blog in some way for the holidays.
It doesn't even have to be very elaborate.
Then, click on the above button...
sign the Mr. Linky...
and post the button on your blog.

Not only do you have the chance to win some TOTALLY awesome prizes,
but you get the opportunity to participate in a fabulous event
AND see everyone's GORGEOUSLY decorated blogs!

Just do it and have fun :-)



Dude, we are so going to win this thing. WE TOTALLY ROCK!!!!

Juliana RW

I hope you can win haha...

I think i am not ready to do that contest :) Of course i like Christmas.

Misty, can i add you to my blog roll? I'd like visit your blog more regular :)


I don't think I would know how to totally deck out my blog without screwing something up and then having to cry to my designer to 'please fix it!' but I did put up a small decoration of sorts.

You go ahead and win this contest as you did a great job with your blog!

The Uneasy Supplicant

Love to participate Misty however, my site is about darkness. It might kill all the demons :-)
Besides, ask Tammy.... I'm a humbug. I'm sure she knows me well enough to know that by now. But for what its worth...your site looks very Christmassy. I'm looking forward to my piece of coal :-)

Sandee (Comedy +)

I already did my blog and joined in on the fun. Have a great day. :)


Love the new look! Very festive indeed! :D


Great Idea! I already have a Christmas Tree but I think I can find some room for a few more things, I'll just move the awards down!

Heart of Rachel

Hi Misty. Bravo! I love your Christmas theme. Your new header is so cool. You did great.

I'll check out Deck the Blogs next time. Thanks for visiting.


Hey Dork, I'm tagging you!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Dude! I love your holiday header! You're gooooood.....

The Egel Nest

I love your decked out blog...

However, being the Jewish Hanukkah celebrating type...I'll not be decking :)


The Egel Nest

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