Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem

This post is in honor of Dona Nobis Pacem (and so I can continue to stare at my beautiful peace globe that Sanni made for me!)
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I walk through the forest
pondering life,
I wonder if it's worth
all the struggle and strife.

Does it really come out
all right in the end?
Or, does the chaos just
start all over again?

We realize the good about someone
after they've passed on.
Why is it we don't appreciate people
until they are gone?

We are quick to judge others
without walking in their shoes.
Yet, we expect everyone to share
our own views.

We judge people by their color,
whether it be brown, black, or white.
Would it change your view,
if one of them were to save your life?

We look down upon those who are different
from what we believe to be the 'norm'.
Yet, we don't seem to realize, in their eyes,
we also take on a different form.

Ourselves and our beliefs
we are quick to defend.
Why can't we do the same
to back up a friend?

If you are poor or different,
your 'friends' may be ashamed of you.
Yet, if you were to have money,
you'd have more 'friends' than you ever knew.

When we have to work to gain something,
"It's not worth it." We say.
Meanwhile, the homeless
hope and pray to live another day.

There are things we know we should do.
Yet, we say we don't have the time.
If someone gets rewarded for doing what we put off,
we are quick to say, "Hey, that should have been mine!"

We scold and criticize the children
for the things they do.
We don't realize, their actions,
they learned from me and you.

We take so many things for granted,
including our place on this earth.
Family, friends, life, and happiness
Do we realize how much it's all worth?

We preach to others
about what's right and wrong.
Yet, our Father above must be ashamed
For, the peace, truth, and love of the world is almost gone.
(c) Misty Dawn

Please visit Misty's Words for another post and poem (don't worry, it's much shorter) in honor of Dona Nobis Pacem.


That was fantastic, Misty. You're a really good poet. I'm gonna have to check out Misty's Words.

Great work~



what beautiful words written for a special occasion.
such talent.


Peace! :)


Great point--we would definitely change our minds if one saved our lives; that oughta be enough right there, no? You done good Mist.

PS--I will give Louie a hug for you. PPS--link me back to the award you gave me to pass to GIGI, I lost it. xoxo

Travis Cody

Well said.

Peace to you and yours on this wonderful Peace Globe Day and always.


what beautiful words, my friend! what a beautiful post for peace, my globe is up and flying today....Peace to you today and always...



what a beautiful poem! peace to you...


What a beautiful peace globe, and what a beautiful poem!

Peace and love to you and yours.


Beautiful Peace Globe and powerful words Misty. Peace to you and yours. x


Peace before us,
peace behind us,
peace under our feet

Peace within us,
peace over us,
let all around us be peace.

Margo Moon

Quite lovely, Misty. Heading to your other place right now. And...I hope it is long.



Whatta beeyootiful globe and a beeyootiful poem! Happy Peace Day to you.

Vinny "Bond" Marini


Searching For A Peaceful World on



Pax vobiscum!


Nice poem Misty. Enjoy the rest of this day of peace. Cheers!!


thanks for sharing your poem...Peace to you and yours.


Love the poem Misty. Great job!
Enjoy your night!


Rock on, Misty Dawn. That poem was so right.


Thanks for sharing! Peace for us all!


Beautiful post for the peace globe day. Thanks for visiting mine. As ever, Carver




Two lovely poems in celebration of today Misty. Peace.

Tarheel Rambler

Nice poem. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe

Fabulous peace globe and great poem. I am purring for peace.

Karen Jo

Sanni made you a wonderful Peace Globe. She did mine for me, too. I love your poem. Peace to you and all the world.

Kimo and Sabi

Peace to you and your furry family.

Mimi Lenox

Some people posted globes, some people wrote rants, others spun prose, some sang songs, you wrote a poem.....and it's beautiful. I am so touched and honored that you took the time and energy and passion to express yourself in this way for Dona Nobis Pacem.

What a treat. I hope everyone reads this. You are really a fine poet.

Peace to you and yours.

Mimi Lenox

P.S. Your globe was featured on my site Friday. I love it.


Nice globe, lovely poem!

Peace, Misty!


what a lovely poem!

and the dogs look wonderful

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