Sunday, November 25, 2007

First Letter of Your Name Meme

I thought this meme looked like fun and actually secretly hoped I would get tagged for it. Then, I saw someone tag my BBFF Tammy. So, I knew that she'd tag me, cuz I can always count on her!

It's pretty simple, just use the first letter of your name to answer the questions. They have to be real answers though, nothing made up and you can't use your own name as an answer. Since my name is Misty all my answers have to start with a "M". (Thanks for pointing that out to me Anna! Just as Tammy, I'm such a dork!!!)

  1. Famous Singer: DUH Like you don't know what I'm going to put for this one MARTINA MCBRIDE!!!
  2. Four Letter Word: Most
  3. Street: Main Street
  4. Color: Mauve
  5. Gifts/Presents: MP3 Player
  6. Vehicles: Mercedes
  7. Things In A Souvenir Shop: Money
  8. Boy Name: Matthew
  9. Girl Name: Mariah
  10. Movie Title: Mask
  11. Drink: Manhattan
  12. Occupation: Massotherapist
  13. Celebrity: Madonna
  14. Magazine: Maxim
  15. U.S. City: Madison
  16. Pro Sports: Minnesota Vikings
  17. Fruit: Mango
  18. Reason For Being Late For Work: Morning sickness
  19. Something You Throw Away: Moldy leftovers
  20. Something You Shout: Moron!!!!!!!! (Right Tammy???)

Now who to tag. This is a fun one - so I think y'all should do it :-) Let's see how many letters of the alphabet get completed for this meme!


Mom Knows Everything

OMG! I'm laughing LMAO!!!! You are such a DORK!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Speaking of editing...

Did you change your name to Tammy?

Crazed Nitwit

Misty, kiss my grits and call me Homer! I apparently shoved some A&P knowledge into the area of the brain where I store my blog buddies info. I had no idea you were thinking of not finishing school! I think your info fell out some time last week, sorry 'bout that.

Golly girl I need the low down, the four one one. The happs. Are you just tired of school? Discouraged? I can relate to both of those feelings but they on;y last a wek or so when I feel that way. I like, totally, love going to school. Told ya I was weird.

The information related to my prayer request, somehow jump started me. I've been totally not upset. I've been doing the dishes and laundry and taking a daily shower.........maybe it was just the right kick to get my ass and my attitude into gear. I know I should be feeling bad or sad or mad but I am fine. Not just weird, I am off the wall.

Email me or something cuz I needs my deets!!!


Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I'm the originator of Sky Watch Friday and would love to have you join in. I usually make my Sky Watch post between 10 and 11 pm thursday evening and this week I'm going to try using Mr. Linky. If this doesn't work then I'll add you to my blog roll.

Heart of Rachel

Nice meme. I want to wish you a Happy Monday and I'd like to let you know that I have an award for you. I'll be posting it later. Take care!


Hi, Misti. This tag is fun isn't it. Tammy got this tag from me haha..


As I've been going through my blog links this morning, I've seen this is SO many places! You're such a trend setter. :)

I'm going to steal it too, but will post it tomorrow.


Martina McBride...I am listening to her Christmas CD right now! Love it...

I did this meme also.
great fun...

you and Tammy are hilarious...Lots of laughs

take care


That looks like fun, I might save it until I have a bit more time!


You're right, that was fun. :)


It is fun! I did it a couple of months back, I think.


I just did it...that was fun!


I did it. :)

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