Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Five Things Meme

I was tagged by the fabulously fun and fantastic Linda over at Are We There Yet for this meme. Since she threatened me with the dungeon, I figured I better get this meme completed!

The Five Things Meme

Found in My Room (the one I'm sitting in now is the living room so we'll use that!) ...

1. My laptop (of course)
2. My Ohio No-Sew blanket that my step-daughter made me last Christmas
3. Our insanely huge collection of CDs
4. The beautiful corner stand my grandfather made me
5. Several deer collectibles

I've Always Wanted to Do ...

1. Go to Australia
2. Win the lottery! (who doesn't?)
3. Run a dog rescue
4. Play the guitar
5. Have my writing/photography published

Found in My Bag

1. Too much change (makes for a heavy purse)
2. Credit cards
3. Driver's License
4. Health Insurance Card
5. Italian Photo Charm key chain

Found in My Wallet ... Ummm, I don't use a wallet, so I'll list more stuff in my purse LOL

1. A pack of gum that is about six months old
2. Receipts
3. A card with my family members phone numbers on it (my aunt updates it each year)
4. A spare set of keys to my husband's truck
5. Fortunes from fortune cookies that I save (I know, I'm weird)

I'm Currently Into ...

1. Photography
2. Increasing my music collection
3. Blogging and writing
4. Talking to my dad every night on the phone
5. Getting this house finished!

If you haven't done this meme, then do it! That's an order!


Mom Knows Everything

I haven't done this one yet so I'm probably going to try to do it later after children go to bed.

P.S. you do look pretty hot in that bottom photo!


I save my fortunes, too, because I always think there might be a blog post in one of them. And there have been in some of them!

Great job with this, you are spared from ye olde Dungeon!!

Mom Knows Everything

Hey Misty!

I'm off to do some knitting, but I'll check to see if your online later. HOUSE IS ON TONIGHT, YAHHHH!!!!!


Your blankie, your computer, and music. What more other than a cup of coffee, could you want for?!

You had me smiling so big on my blog, I'm very anxious to see that cyber tree. Hope the dogs didn't get a shock when they chewed up your lights, though. Hate when that happens! xoxo


Misty, it's nice to see some pictures of yourself on here...now I can put a face to your name. Hope you are feeling better.

Well I think I better get crackin' and get this meme done LOL
I will try to have it posted tomorrow

take care
carrie :0)


Tee hee!
First: you are not a pain! I just worry about pestering some of my other favorite bloggers. Some are very serious & don't seem to be into awards & memes. I love gettin' tagged & awarded! It makes me feel less...alone.
So, on that note: I'm gonna do this one, as ordered, & it'll be posted on Thursday.


I thought I was the only one out there that wants to run a dog/cat rescue ;) I used to volunteer at an animal shelter. It's tough seeing the sad shape some of the dogs & cats come in.

The Egel Nest

I can give you guitar lessons...you are on your own with the Australia thing lol :)

The Egel Nest

Mom Knows Everything

Did you put the PPP Real Rank code on your blog yet?

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