Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Forewarning of Blog Changes

I feel that I must forewarn you that there are going to be some changes to this blog. No, there won't be any changes to the content. You see, here's the deal -

The holiday season is now upon us. Trust me, I know. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving AND Christmas with some of my in-laws one week from yesterday. Oh yes, this coming Monday will be our "ThanksMas". That's what my father-in-law named it. I love that man more than words can express. That's one of the only reasons I do not protest this "Thanksmas" which causes me to think about and do Christmas shopping way too early. You see, my mother- and father-in-law go to warmer climate and friends each year, completely equipped with their beautiful 'house-on-wheels' (what I call their motor home). My father-in-law has Parkinson's Disease, and the cold weather terribly bothers him. Therefore, he does his very best to convince his wife and everyone else that we should celebrate Christmas earlier each year to enable him to get to the warm weather sooner. At first, we celebrated Christmas a few weeks early. Then, we celebrated Christmas on Thanksgiving (hence the name "Thanksmas"). This year, my father-in-law did his best to convince us to move the Thanksgiving AND Christmas celebrations ahead all the way to Halloween, but he didn't win out on that. Hmmmmm... what would that be??? Hallowanksmas??? Nah, I'm not real comfortable with the sounds of that.

Anyway, my BBFF (Yes, I typed that right - B.B.F.F.) Tammy and I decided that we would start a new fun tradition with each other. We searched the internet high and low to find Christmas animations, blinkies, and clip art which we thought the other would love, and we sent them in an e-mail to each other. This way, we can decorate our blogs for Christmas with the beautiful decorations that our BBFF sent :-) Isn't that a Major Cool tradition we started??? I'm seriously thinking this is going to be something I look forward to each and every year! Not to mention that Tammy is completely obsessed loves Christmas.

Besides, I am not going to be able to decorate my home for Christmas this year. So, she thought I should at least be able to decorate my blog (It is my second home, ya know). SO, that's what we are doing. This blog will be hip-hoppin and all decked-out for Christmas very soon!

I hope you like it - I just wanted to forewarn you... ya know, since the cute little spring puppy banner must be changed ;-)


Mom Knows Everything

I'm going to try to put some one before I go to bed. Ho Ho Ho, I feel like singing Christmas carols. hehehe!


This sounds like a fun idea! I can't wait to see the changes.

Lawn Mower Queen

I'm seeing Maggie in a Santa hat.

Ahhh, Thanksmas, how I miss Thanksmas.


I can't wait to see how you Christmas up the blog. Christmas is my favorite holiday. As a child, I loved the "getting". Now as an adult, I "get" the whole "giving" thing. I would much rather see something I made or bought bring a smile to someone's face, than to get everything I want. Funny how this being an adult thing works!


Sounds wonderful!


wow, that sounds like a fun tradition!! BBFF= best blogging buddies forever friends? Just my guess.


This is perfect! No, girl, I didn't see this one, so it's like we're twins or something. You must decorate AND enter. xoxo

PS--thanks for all your very kind words, my dear friend. My arm is dang sore and I fear a trip to the ER--but don't have time today, will do that tomorrow. Can you tell I'm a mom?


What a great idea! And it will be so much easier to clean up than the house would be! Looking forward to the festive changes!

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