Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Freeze the Pain

Yes, that's me. Honestly, that is me trying to keep a smile on my face when my body is making me feel like it would probably hurt too much to smile. I honestly don't look that bad all the time. However, I have Fibromyalgia, which is a chronic pain condition. I usually cope quite well with it. But, I have to admit that, sometimes, it gets the best of me. There have been times when I have tried to stand up and cried out in pain. Then, I have to come to the realization that I will not be having a productive day, because I am flaring. On days like that, the simplest of chores can cause me to start crying because everything hurts.

Fortunately, I don't flare very often. However, even when I am not in a flare, there are still parts of my body that refuse to quit hurting. I have one rib in particular which swells up and causes all the surrounding muscles to tighten and knot up. This causes my lower back to ache constantly. Believe it or not, though, I don't take any medication for the pain, because I don't like being dependent on pills. This is why I am very interested in Freeze It Gel. This product is all natural. I became even more interested when I visited their testimonials page on the website. The first two testimonials caught my attention. The first one, is a woman who has Fibromyalgia too. She was definitely singing the praises of Freeze It. The second testimonial is from someone who works at a computer all day and ends up with achy hands and wrists. I definitely encounter those aches quite often too.

I would love to be able to use a natural product which would help take the pain away. Then, maybe I could look like this next photo more often, rather than the haggard look in the first photo!
Freeze It Gel would not only help me with my struggle against chronic pain. It would also help my husband with his lower back pain and his neck pain, which are results of some herniated discs. I would also share some with my dad's girlfriend, because she suffers from Arthritis. Hey, my dog suffers from Arthritis too; I wonder if it helps those with fur.

Seriously though, a product that can stop the pain is an amazing product and a blessing!

If I win the contest and receive some free Freeze It Gel, I'll be back to tell you about all the people I have shared it with and all the different kinds of aches and pains it has remedied!



You are beautiful!!!! I'm sorry you have to be in pain so much..


I'll definitely put this stuff on my "stuff to buy when I'm allowed to shop online again" list. (Yes, I list stuff, too, whether or not I refer to it later...) My back pain from the accident has reduced dramatically but still makes itself known on occasion & Poor Hubby's always complaining about this pain or that (but doesn't go to the Dr. to get diagnosed with anything that could then be treated!).
On another topic: you look quite a bit like a friend I had in high school, also named Misty. *cue the Twilight Zone theme* You're both very lovely! :)

BeccA's Buzz

My friend also has fibromyalgia, I hope you win the contest and me too so I can give her the Freeze It!!

By the way, I tagged you for a '7 Random things about me' meme that someone else tagged me for. Come on by and see if you'd like to join in!

The Egel Nest

I hope you win and it brings you relief...I think you look nice in both pics :)

The Egel Nest


If you win you just have to be sure to let me know how well it works so I can pass the information on to Cyndi. I can only imagine how the two of you feel each day and my heart goes out to not just the two of you but to anyone who suffers with Fibro.

Best of luck to you!


No doubts about it, you'll win. :-)
Beautiful shots MistyDawn. I'll just say the model is exquisite ... in case your husband is right around the corner that is :-)


Mist, my goodness I hate hearing you're hurting. I have no clue how bad it feels, but from what you write, I am fortunate not to. You're beautiful...and honestly every bit as lovely in the first photo as the last. I'm all about cute & frumpy. It's my favorite look! xoxo

Jillie Bean (AKA Bubba's Sis)

You look beautiful in both photos! Praying you have more pain-free days than painful days..


That Freeze It Gel sounds like a God send. I hate to hear that you have to live with fibro (I know several people who suffer from it) but I am thankful to hear you don't have flare-ups *too* often.

I happen to think you look great in BOTH pictures!


misty you are one strong sister. i hate to see anyone experience any type of pain, rather it be physical or emotional, i hate to see it. when i see or hear of others in pain it genuinely hurts me as well; that is just the type of man that i am. i care deeply about others and i take their pain as if it is mine. most of the time those in pain just want to know that others care even if they are unable to anything to their situation better.

i am genuinely happy that we have come in contact with each other via this forum.

i will pray for you sis.

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Magdalen Islands

I have used the product once, for a sprain. It did help relieve the pain but I wouldn't call it a miracle control. I do hope you win and get to try it.
I see you have Border Collies. I have one and a Golden Retriever.
I'm glad I stopped by, you have a beautiful web log. Be well and take care.

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