Thursday, November 8, 2007

Google Defines Depression

Google has made me cry twice now within a couple weeks. The first time was tears of joy when I saw that I finally had a page rank, and I cried more tears of joy, because that page rank was a 3. Sure, a 3 isn't anything to get too excited about, but, for me, it was. I was dancing and crying and singing and smiling and rejoicing. Today, Google made me cry again

Only, this time, it is tears of sadness and depression. I at first had worried that beautiful 3 was too good to be true. Worried that it was possibly a cruel trick by Google, only to be taken away from me. Then, after having that rank for several days, I began to relax and enjoy it. Today, it has been pointed out to me that my rank has now dropped to a 2. I guess I should be happy that at least I still have a rank above 0, but I'm still depressed. It just doesn't seem fair. I'm sure they are punishing those of us who monetize our blogs with paid posts, but why can't they see that this is the livelihood and dreams for some of us which they are crushing? I understand they are judging us for the paid posts. Then again, and I'm not just saying this because I'm a paid poster, some of the best and most enjoyable posts I have read just happen to have some paid links in them. For example, the post below this one is, in my mind, the best and most important post I have ever written. I poured my heart and soul out in that post. I shed tears the entire time I typed that post. I have received so many wonderful and special comments from my readers who appreciated that post. Everything I had went into that post, and I think it is pretty da*n good!

I'm sure to some this will seem as trivial whining and nothing to get all upset about, but to me it honestly means much more than you could possibly understand. I am truly hoping this isn't permanent and I will log on in a day or two and see a better page rank. But, for now, my spirit is crushed. Thanks Google!



Why worry about what rank Google places towards your Blog? From what I've seen you've got some pretty hardcore fans and I've just joined the ranks. Keep up the good work on your blogs.....and never get yourself down over some stupid number. It'll go back up.


Hey there, it's not just yours. The place where I checked mine a few days ago, (and it was also recently ranked a 3 from N/A before) is saying that yours and mine are both zero, when I know that's not true. PPP still says 3, so maybe Google is just making some adjustments and then it will go back. I hope so anyway! Also, thank you so much for all the helpful info. about the other paid blogging sites. I've already signed up with all of them!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Page Ranking is SOOOO over-rated. In one week I went from 2 to 4 to 3. Made my head spin! I agree with comment've got some hardcore fans and I'm one of 'em!!

Mom Knows Everything

I'm upset too baby, but we still have a 2. There are plenty of opps for us. And who knows, it may go back up. I think they are still playing with it and it's not totally finished yet. Hang in there. LOVE YA !!!!


Yes, I am crying too!! I WAS a 4 now I'm a 2!! I am so upset because I was getting good projects with a 4. I guess all of us paid posters are in the same boat. :( I'm crying with you!


That sucks!! They hit me a couple of weeks ago. But, you know what life does go on and hopefully they will not be done yet and it will increase again! Hang in there!


That really stinks, Misty Dawn. I'm sorry. :( I do hope it's a fluke and your rating is back where it should be.

Thanks for the explanation tho. I was scratching my head. I'm afraid I don't always 'get' the technical side of things.

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