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Google Depression Explained

Let me explain a little better why I am so upset about this. I'm not trying to drag this on and on, but I want you to understand why I am throwing a temper tantrum. It is not because I want a high number for my ego. I just went through my posts, to see which ones I had done that required a page rank of 3 - I accepted and completed those posts under the impression that I, in fact, had a page rank of 3. Now that my page rank has dropped, if it stays that way, I will lose around $100.00 of income. That is why I'm upset. Had I known that I would not have a 3, I would not have claimed those opportunities. But now, I have done these posts and reviews, and they will be rejected. And, yet again, my husband will have a reason to say "I told you so."

I'm honestly not trying to be childish and whine like a baby. This is the way I make a living - It makes a huge difference to me. I honestly hope and pray that this will turn out to be a fluke of some sort and I will be here looking like a fool, whining and ranting and raving for nothing. I will gladly then accept all of my wonderful friends' comments telling me "I told you so"! Thanks for your support everyone! I truly love you guys! I hope my husband likes living on hotdogs - cuz my income just took a hit. On a more fun note, my post at Misty's Words today is more upbeat and fun.



I'm sure if I understood any of this I would be upset for you. I don't even know what a page rank is or how to find out what mine could possibly be. I've seen some posts about it before but I never actually paid attention. It's kinda like HTML; a foreign language.


If your ppp posts get rejected because you no longer have a pr 3 just resubmit it and submit a ticket explaining at the time you did have pr3, this has happened to tons of people with the recent pr update so they understand. I was at a 3 since about february and had made up to $900/month, but I just got dropped to a 2, even though I get more visitors and have a lower alexa, so it's pretty much cut my ppp income by about $400/month


Surely the monetizing companies will have to use some other guideline than Google. I think I got accepted because the page rank was 4 so I guess that was lucky as I would not have been accepted at all with a page rank of 2. I guess I have to be proactive and promote my blog some more but it is hard work.


I'm almost 100% sure that you will get paid for those posts. PPP goes by what your page rank was marked on the day you accepted the opportunities. It's happened to me before and I too freaked out, and they just paid me, everything was fine. I don't know about the other companies though.

There are so many posting companies that you shouldn't have any trouble making money with a page rank 2, even at PR zero there's money out there.

The longer you hang in there with blogging the more money you can earn. My husband was very skeptical at first, but after almost a year he now respects the fact that blogging is a pretty good job. (miracles do happen). LoL.

If you ever need any help just ask me!

Hope you feel better soon. :)Hugs

Mom Knows Everything

I like what Christy said! It made me feel better. Hopefully the PR will get re-adjusted before it's done, but even if it doesn't they re-do it every 3 months or so and you have so many people visiting you blog that it will definitely go up next time. HUGS ~Tammy~

p.s. That cutie of mine wanted to eat cupcakes for supper. The little scamp! LOL


cheer up, Mist, this sounds as if it will all work out just fine. These things usually do. xoxo

Mom Knows Everything

I got something for you that might cheer you up a little bit. Come on over and get this special thing that I have for you. :o)


I don't think they will reject your posts, Misty. I started PPP when I was a 2 (which I also am now) and there were plenty of opportunities for money to be made :) I REALLY think that PPP will start using some other means to judge rank their posters because everything that I have been reading states that this lower page ranking think is A DIRECT ATTACK against paid advertisement companies. Google wants to hit them below the belt.

Cheer up, things will get better:)

Love ya lots!!


I have to echo what everyone else has said, I'm sure you'll be okay and they won't reject your posts. I don't know what's up with Google at all as there are blogs that have been dropped in rank for no reason whatsoever. I thought they only ranked every six months or something anyway so how could you blog go up and down in the course of a couple days? I just don't understand a lot of this stuff but I do understand why you have been upset.

Good luck and hang in there! You write great paid posts!

The Egel Nest

I don't quite understand the whole system...

But I know that us, your readers, appreciate you :)

Not that it is worth $100 or anything :)

The Egel Nest


Hi Misty! I just saw this post of yours thru BlogRush and thought I'd read what sentiments you have regarding the Google slap. You know what, we have the same reaction to what happened. I have 2 PR4 blogs that went down to PR2 and PR1, as well as a PR5 that went down to PR2. Just imagine that! I went berserk. It's not fair! The holidays is just around the corner and I need to earn more money!

But you know what, when I calmed down and had time to digest everything that happened, I realized that I may have lost some income from the high ranking blogs that i have, but there are other blogs that I can do something about. And so far, I have earned more now than when I have 3 high ranking blogs.

Cheer up! Everything will turn out fine, believe me. And with regards to PPP, they paid all the opps I took when my blog is still a PR4. Don't worry about it.

I hope I was able to contribute something to make your day brighter :)

Happy weekend!


Hey, Misty! I have no idea how this whole system works. What can we do to improve your page ranking in the future? More comments? Clicking on your advertisers? More hits? Let us know.


I have no idea what this post is about.

I did google page rank and I have a page rank of 3. Now if I only understood it.

I am sorry to hear that you are having a bad day. I wish I could give you some advice.

Heart of Rachel

I'm so sad too. I thought I did something terribly wrong when my PR dropped from a 4 to 2. Then I learned that it wasn't just me. So many people are being hit by this google thing. It's quite depressing but I don't know what to do about it. :(


I do believe that you have a valid complaint, but perhaps you should try another way to make money from your blog that relies less on a PR. I do very well with Commission Junction through my blog and I do not have a PR at all, but I still manage to make money. This is just an option for you to consider my friend.

I simply refuse to allow my lack of a PR affect my income.
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A lot of people already said it, but I'm going to say it, too. You will still get paid for your PPP posts. The segmentation means that you could not have accepted and submitted an opp that you did not qualify for at the time. Therefore, you will be paid.

My blog was a 3 for a while, but then my Google toolbar started showing N/A. PPP still had my blog as a 3, so I had all those opps available. Sometimes I didn't take them because I felt I didn't 'deserve' them. Yeah, I should've taken all I could! Because now my blog is a 1.

Even having a PR1 opens up a lot more opps than having no PR at all. I have never seen an opp that required a page rank of 2 - it's either 1 or 3 - or the higher ones.

OK, I rambled long enough!!


I'm totally with you...but I think we'll still get paid for the ones we did when we were 3s. I just had one rejected for another reason, and I resubmitted it and it went's really upsetting to me too! My husband has been joking about it too...they don't get it. If I lose all those posts b/c they were 3s I will cry!!! I'm wondering when this new PPP IZEA thing is going to start. Do you know?

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