Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Heads Or Tails Tuesday *Road*

One of my favorite bloggers, Skittles has started a Tuesday meme. It is LOTS of fun-so you'll wanna join us right away! If you click on the Heads or Tails logo - it will take you to the post to tell you more about the meme.

This week's topic is Heads-Road. As most of you know, I go for daily photo walks. For this week's theme, I'm going to introduce you to the many critters I have met either on the road, or along the road. Be patient with me, because I've made lots of critter-friends out here :-)
There actually a story that goes with this guy. Actually, there are stories that go with many of these critters, but I'll just share this one. I'm sure you aren't surprised I have a story for you ;-)
If you have come to know me well through my writing, my photography, and my passions, you'll be able to picture this scenario:

picture this...
I take this guy's photo and continue on my walk. In a little while, I hear a car coming. OH NO (Misty thinks) MY Cool Capallilar (That's what I used to tell my Grandma they were). Misty is sprinting down the road, through the ditch, hanging on to her camera with one hand, praying out loud her new-found buddy doesn't get squashed. Can you picture it?? Any of you who know me well can definitely picture this. So - would I throw myself in front of a moving vehicle to prevent this guy from getting squashed? Probably... but, I didn't have to, because by the time I made it to where he was, out of breath, and thankful he was ok - well, by that time, he had made it across the road. Slowly, but surely - he was determined on his journey, and he made it. I was going to pick him up and put him in the ditch, but I realized he had made it this far, so it was important for him to make it the rest of the way on his own. So, I stood over him, so the passing vehicle wouldn't even come close to him ; -) Ahh, crisis avoided! Hey, I don't care, I'm already known around here as "The Crazy Little Lady Who Always Carries The Big Camera" - so, I might as well give the name some justice :-)

So, that's it for this blog's Heads or Tails - Visit Misty's Words for scenery and sunset photos from my road. I'll stop inundating you with photos of critters now :-)



Wow!! Love the sights on your road travels!


I have come across many critters and creatures along our walks but never think to take a picture. I should then when Blake is telling his daddy about them he can show pictures....

I am known as "Camera Mom" around here and my kids always have a shoking look on their faces when I leave my camera at home...

have a great day


Neat! Great pics :D


I love this take on the word "Road". :D

Mom Knows Everything

Love the deer, not so much the bugs. I just spilled coffee all over my desk so I have to clean it up. What a day! :o(


I am jealous of the bounty of critters you get to see on your walks. The save the capallilar story is hysterical. It sounds like something I would do.

Have a great day.


I need to take a photo walk. I walk every day, but I don't usually take the camera. It's pretty much dark at the time I'm walking now, anyway.

I loved your pictures and your story.


I especially like the picture of the raccoons. I had to laugh at your story. I can just see you running to rescue the "bug". LOL


I don't know you, so I can't quite picture it...but your story made me laugh! LOL! Have a wonderful day!


Sounds like something I'd do...except I'd be the one needing help after all that running...


wow, amazing beauty that mother nature has!! I love the one of the squirrel the best :)


what a fun and beautiful road you walk! more great photos!

The Gal Herself

Glad to hear that your caterpillar buddy made it uninjured. The raccoons are my favorite. They look like they're up to something!



You KNOW I love your photos.. and these are more examples of why I do.

I can really picture you running to save the little guy!

"Slowly, but surely - he was determined on his journey, and he made it. I was going to pick him up and put him in the ditch, but I realized he had made it this far, so it was important for him to make it the rest of the way on his own."

That can be applied in more way than one. :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls

Very fun photos! My girls and I always look for animals (usually horses) along the sides of the road when we're driving. :)

david mcmahon

Great glimpses of the things you see. I laughed at the thought of you putting him carfull in the ditch to ensure his safety:

``Misty Dawn Ditches Fellow Traveller''.

Isn't it great to have a camera at hand!


Good photos. You have many more interesting "friends" on your road than we have on ours lol. Good post.


I love the photos; their detail is great! My favorite pic is of the squirrel. I love squirrels. I used to live in an apartment complex years ago and squirrels were so common around there; they would walk up my patio and I would feed them. They are such funny little rodents.

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peppylady (Dora)

Nice photos


I giggle every time I see that raccoon family. I don't know why, but I really do adore it. The other pics are great as well!

P.S. It's still Tuesday if you want to do your 10 ten. ;)


I love the second horse photo. Simply gorgeous! The raccoons are super cute too.


OMGoodness Mist, these are typical Misty Dawn AMAZING!!!!! Wow! I ws gonna say I heart deer, but then I got to the raccoons and not gonna lie, they're very cute! You're amazing, Misty. You need to host a giveaway, give some of these away. xo

Heart of Rachel

Great photos! Imagine all those animals and critters you encountered during your walk. Each walk must be an adventure.

Your story about the caterpillar made me remember the time when my parents used to call me fairy godmother of animals and insects. As a child, I've always been fond of animals and even insects. Funny how I would try to save ants from drowning after the rain. :)


What a GORGEOUS horse! wow. Stunning. And I sure am glad that the first wooly bear you have there has almost no band.Now the other wooly bear? A bit too colorful. I want no winter to speak of unless I am home on vacation!!

You have beautiful wildlife (and domestic life) around you.


Interesting roads you travel. I love the raccoon photo and the story of the attempted rescue.

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