Friday, November 2, 2007

I Have a Request

First, let me explain some changes to this blog. I thought that the plain gray links and titles were boring, so I decided to spice it up a little by adding some color (purple, of course). I also made it so my posts are now expandable. Since I tend to ramble on and on, I made it so you can read just the beginning of the post, and if you want to read the rest, you can click on "Read More". Since I know that most of us lead hectic and busy lives, I hope this makes it easier for you to choose which posts you want to take the time to read. I also have a big favor to ask of all of you, so please click on "Read more" and help me out. I'll REALLY appreciate it!

One of my best blogging friends, Tammy from Mom Knows Everything, is having surgery today. She is such a kind and special person, and she never hesitates to do things for other people. So, I would really, really appreciate it if you could take the time to go over to her blog and leave her a comment giving her best wishes for a successful surgery and fast recovery. I know that it would mean the absolutely world to her. So, I am really praying that you will take a few minutes to do this for me! Thank you SO much! Here's the link to her blog again: Mom Knows Everything. Let's put a smile on her face and let her know that everyone is thinking of her!



I love Tammy. She's a great friend.

The purple is nice. Please help me figure out how to do the expandable posts. I think it's a great idea.


Great new changes to your blog...I like the read more idea....

If there were more people in this world it would be a happy place :0)

I was over and wished Tammy well.
Can't wait to have her back blogging.

sorry I haven't been leaving comments for a few days...I have been to your site just no comments, things are crazy busy and our washing machine flooded the house twice...what a mess.

enjoy your weekend :0)


hi there!! love your new look!! I'm going to visit your other blog--great job on it.

Regarding the WIFI bunny--google NABAZTAG/TAG and you will see what I'm talking about--it is SOOOcute. Hubs actually bough me one last night and I am so excited to see what it does :)

Have a wonderful weekend.


Consider it done.



Mom Knows Everything

Thank you Misty! You the best friend anyone could ask for!!!!! HUGS ~Tammy~


Love the spice, Mist. And I'm on my way over right now! You are a treasure. xo

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