Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Awake I'm Awake!

The temperatures dropped down well below freezing last night, so I brought the dogs in to the house to sleep. They've been staying in a trailer outside for now, until we get the house finished. They usually do great when they are inside. They realize it is bedtime, and they stay quiet. Well, Hubs had a job to go do today. So, the alarm clock starts blaring before 5 a.m. I spring awake, frantically asking "What? What's wrong? It's not time for you to have to leave yet!" He informed me that he needed to go plug some equipment in to heat up. Oh, OK, go back to sleep, Misty. Yeah right. Since Daddy just got up, the dogs thought it was time to be awake and playing. So, this is what the rest of my morning consisted of...

I had given an old sandal to the puppy to keep her entertained when she is inside. She decided it was time to try to chew the rubber off the sandal this morning. Doesn't sound bad, but, before 5 a.m., the chewing, banging, and rubber-snapping can get on your nerves rather quickly. So, I got up and took the sandal away. OK, go back to sleep, Misty.
Nope, then the puppy finds a towel that I had shoved in the dryer vent, since we don't have the dryer hooked up yet, and the hole for the vent opens up to the outside. So, I'm trying to go back to sleep, and I hear my rotten puppy tugging, grunting, and pulling on the towel to get it out of the vent so she can proceed to chew it to pieces. I got up, arranged the towel more securely in the vent. OK, go back to sleep, Misty.
Nope, by that time it was time for Hubs to leave for this job. He went outside and started his truck, which always sends Tag over the edge, because Tag doesn't want Hubs to leave without him. Tag is barking, whining, barking, yelping, barking, pacing, barking... well, you get the idea. I finally gave up! I saw Hubs pulling out of the driveway and heading down the road. So, I picked up my cell phone and called him. I said "I just wanted to tell you to have a good day. I'm sufficiently awake now!" Hubs started laughing, apologized, and then proceeded to tell me "Oh my gosh, there's three bucks and four does standing in the field where you go for your walk!"
Ugh... yeah, thanks, Honey!



I just found your blog through the comment you left on mine...

I love the border collie theme. We have another type of dog now, but we used to have a border collie. They are beautiful animals.

Mom Knows Everything

I got to go back to bed and have a nap today. I have a cold and hubby felt sorry for me so he stayed up with Aidan while I napped. Sorry you had such a crappy sleep :o(

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