Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm So Unprepared

I've admitted that I usually do my shopping on the internet because I don't care to fight the crowds, especially during the holiday season. Well, even though I've got the stores right at my fingertips, this year, I find myself extremely behind in my shopping.

I don't even know what I'm getting for most people. If I don't know what I'm getting them, that surely means that I don't have a gift for them yet! I'm going to show up to visit my family and not have any gifts for them! This is not good.

Some people will just get gift cards. I'm big on giving out gift certificates for restaurants, electronics stores, and clothing stores. With the cards, people are sure to get exactly what they want. I'm even going to give my best friend a gift card to a store so her two oldest children can pick out their own gifts, and she can use the rest towards some baby bedding for her youngest child.

Here's the worst part. I have NO idea what to get my dad! Seriously, I am at a complete loss for ideas. I have a gift for his wolf, but no gift for my dad! I'm such a loser of a daughter. What do you get someone who doesn't own a TV, radio, or computer? I seriously want to get him a digital camera, because he keeps hinting that he wants one. However, then he will have to take it to someone else to print photos. I honestly have no idea what to do!



I always have trouble thinking what to get for my Dad too. This year I got him a slow cooker as he can't bend down to use his oven any more. Not very original I suppose but I think it will come in handy for him.


You're not alone, girl. I haven't begun and I won't for another week or so. I usually charge it and pay it off with John's bonus, which he gets mid Dec. But alas we have cut up ALL or charge cards, so I will wait and dash out then. xoxo

Mom Knows Everything

I know you already got this award from Denny, but I'm giving it to you too!!!!


Don't feel bad. I never know what to get men. Amazon's "recommended" list helped me finally find out what I can buy for Poor all I need is $...
I hope you have a moment of brilliant inspiration!


Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

I have a Border Collie Training site. It pretty much covers border collies and border collie training.

Come and check it out if you get time ;)


Oh, you mean we're supposed to buy presents for people? Well, shoot. I'm SOL then. I don't do presents well. Probably because I'm church mouse poor and had to use my financial aid money to get a camera earlier. But for your dad, you could get him one of those teeny keychain cameras, and tell him that you would have gotten him a nicer camera, but you know, no computer. *grins* Subtle hint that perhaps it might be necessary in this day and age to have a digital camera, one must have what it unloads to.

The Gal Herself

Get him the camera and a gift card to Walgreens or Best Buy or CVS … there are lots of places who will develop the shots for him. This might be the best way to go for someone who isn't really computer literate because learning how to shoot with a digital camera AND downloading AND printing is a lot to master all at once anyway. (Trust me. I have a digital camera tucked away in a drawer and I still use a 35mm because I just can't get my mind around the slower shutter.)

My dad was impossible to buy for because little made him happy. All I ever got him was shirts. To mix it up, maybe a pair of gloves. Not much fun to buy for.

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