Saturday, November 17, 2007

Money for Repairs

The holiday season is now upon us. So, it's the time of year for all the visiting, shopping, and errand running. However, this isn't going to happen in my vehicle, because it is long over due for an oil change. Plus, ever since the trip out here with my dad when I moved, it hasn't seemed like it is running quite right. This makes me very nervous, because I love my Durango. I've had vehicles I couldn't depend on, and that is not a good feeling. I was constantly wondering if my car was going to get me where I needed to go. I once had a car that would stall once the motor got warm. That always seemed to be right in the middle of rush hour. I'm sure those were hand signals of love from all those people stuck behind me on the road. I finally paid way too much money to get it fixed. Payday Loans are something that I wish I would have known about then, because I wouldn't have stressed as much about the rest of my bills. My current vehicle has been dependable, and that is why I love it so much. Just keep your fingers crossed for me that whatever is wrong isn't too horrible!



I've had to use Payday Loans myself a time or two and they're okay as long as you can pay them off quickly - otherwise the interest rates are out of this world! But definitely great to have in a pinch!


My fingers and toes are crossed.

Pay day loans are great! I just wish I knew about them when the kids were younger.

david mcmahon

Got my fingers crossed for you ...

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