Monday, November 12, 2007

My Cold Blind Shower

So, my husband started tearing part of the house off, in order to put framing up, extend the roof, build the addition, etc.

This means that I now exit my kitchen... walk outside... and enter my bathroom. This also means that while I sleep in my bedroom (which is now only accessible after going through said bathroom), I can hear wind, cats, and critters just a few steps away. It also means that said bathroom is freezing cold right now, because all that is separating it from the outside is a bi-fold door... a very stupid bi-fold door which opens backwards, I might add.

Anyway - I needed to get a shower so we could go to town this evening. For some reason, my husband said "Oh Honey, go ahead and take your shower first." I was halfway through my shower when I realized he did this so the bathroom would be at least a little bit warmer when it was time for him to get in the shower. Yeah, two can play at that game - I stayed in the very hot shower a few extra minutes to ensure that he'd run out of hot water :-)

Not only was I cold, I could see, because oh yeah I forgot to mention... there's no electricity in the bathroom now either.
1) Have you ever shaved your legs in the dark? Interesting experience. I only cut myself ten a few times.
2) I also ended up putting enough shampoo on my hair to wash Cousin It, because I couldn't see how much was going into my hand.
3) After I get said excess shampoo out of my eyes (doesn't matter cuz I couldn't see anyway) I look up and see through the dark that my husband at some point put his foot through the shower ceiling when he was walking around on the roof.
4) Then it was time for make up. Yeah sure! I'm surprised that I don't look like a circus clown!

So, my husband says "You put eyeliner on in the dark???"
"Yes Dear, I did!" I reply rather proudly
"It's a wonder you didn't poke your eye out!"
To which I reply "It's a wonder I don't look like a clown after blindly applying make up in the dark."
Smarty-pants husband just doesn't know what to keep his mouth shut (especially since this is all a result of his insisting to tear our house apart when the snow will be flying soon!) What's he say "How do you know you don't look like one? hehehe snicker snicker"
My response - "Great going Dear. You have now just guaranteed that I will have a headache every night for the duration of the time I have to walk outside to go pee or go to bed"
Him "That might be weeks? Maybe even a month!"
Me "Hmmm, oh really?"


The Egel Nest

First of all...You used the phrase "Go to town"...that is soooo cute :)

Secondly, be glad you have a guy who can do additions...

Thirdly, educate that man about keeping you warm and well lit during additions!


The Egel Nest

Mom Knows Everything

Gotta love our husbands. Heck if we don't no one will. LOL You didn't do Heads or Tails this week. I've been looking for it. Talk to ya tomorrow night okay?

Travis Cody

They say that if a marriage can survive a remodel project, it can survive anything.


Just driving by and thought I'd stop and say hi !! Love your blog!

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Oh my have me in stitches on this one!!! Talk about roughing it! I think I've had better bathroom experiences while Arkansas.


I am so glad our bathroom is firmly inside lol. Sorry you have to deal with that for the next month!


What a pair of jokers. My Poor Hubby knows better. The last time he made any comment regarding makeup, it resulted in me looking like a goth-wannabe until his recommended shade is all gone. Now he gets to deal with everyone wondering why his wife looks so pale. :)


Oh, Misty Dawn, that really does suck. I feel your frustration (with the outside bath and the 'joker' of a hubby).


Aw..dunno how to respond to this posting. It's damn cute and evokes a mixture of so many emotions.
Congratulations on being at the Post of the Day.


Very amusing story. Thanks for sharing it. Congratulations on Post of the Day at authorblog!



We have rules in our marriage. No cold showers is one of them! Wonderful story, even if you did have to shower in the dark to write it.

I found you through Authorblog. I'll nose around a bit, and can't wait to hear more about this remodel...


Absolutely adorable! While it is a blessing to have a spouse who can remodel... ummm yeah.. nuff said.
Found you through authorblog.

Enjoying your stuff!


Atta girl! Don't get angry, get even -headaches can work wonders at times. LOL

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