Monday, November 5, 2007

My Wish List

Yes, I know I'm being extremely greedy by having a wish list. Yes, I know it is more important to finish the house and be responsible. Sure, I know all of that. I've got a wish list anyway! Hey, I already know I won't get anything off that list. It's just my little dream list. I relate it to the days of women's apparel magazines arriving in the mail. I would go through and circle the items I liked. Then, I would throw the magazine in the trash. I also put things in the department store I would like to have in my cart while I'm shopping, only to put them back when I'm ready to check out. Yes, I have issues.

Here's my dream list for Santa. Yes, I believe in Santa. I know he exists, because he has a really fantastic blog! Remember Santa, this list is Misty's dream list. I don't expect ALL of it. Just one or two things will be fine.
1. A new laptop, with a bigger screen, which charges properly, and doesn't leave burn marks on my thighs.
2. The Cannon 30D digital camera I've been drooling over for years. Although, my husband says I should get a Cannon 1D Mark II. Yet, my blogging buddies take some awesome shots with the Nikon D40. Whichever you choose will be fine. The new price comparison site, Save Buckets, will help you find the best deal.
3. Tickets to the upcoming Bon Jovi concerts.

I'd also appreciate it if the house got finished and my dad came out here. Oh, and of course, I want world peace and no more hunger in the world. Thanks Santa!



Right now, the top of my wish list (I've had one for ages, ostensibly as a shopping list for myself, you are perfectly allowed!) is a housebroken puppy. Come by & learn about the dog that's keeping me insane. (She's too adorable to stay mad @, though.)

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