Monday, November 5, 2007

Need Your Votes Again

Here I am again, shamelessly asking for your votes. This time, I have entered a photo contest in the hopes to win a scholarship towards my college degree. They say that you should promote your photos and ask your friends to vote and help you win. Well, I've already posted my contest entries on Facebook. So, now here I am asking for my blogging friends' help again.

Besides, many of you have posted comments to me telling me how much you like the photo of Maggie in my blog banner. I have entered three photos so far, but I may enter even more, because there is no limit of how many photos I can enter. So far, I've posted the photo of Maggie May (the one in the banner), the Windmill & Barn In Sunset photo, and the dragonfly photo that won first prize at the fair. So, if you have time, and you aren't repulsed by my shameless pleading and begging asking for your votes, please go here and pick your favorite and vote for me. I sincerely appreciate it!


Mom Knows Everything

I voted for Maggie May. She's so cute!!!! I had to sign in as a guest to vote and I hope I did it right. Check it out to see if I did it right and if not let me know and I'll try it again. Hope You Win!!!!


I'm all over it...right now!


Of course I'll vote for Maggie May!!! I've always loved that gorgeous shot....but I'm going to have to try again later. I tried just now and it said there was a technical error with signing in as a guest....but I promise by tonight or tomorrow it will be in..even if I have to actually sign up, I will.


Heading there right now!

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