Saturday, November 17, 2007

Neglectful Winner's AWARDS Ceremony

Yep, that's me, I'm a neglectful winner. Some of my absolutely fabulous friends have honored me with some great awards and tagged me with memes they thought I would enjoy. What have I done to show my appreciation? I've been too caught up in arguing with college advisors, crying over that ignorant rank, and trying to get away from the constant banging, hammering, yellings of "watch out!", and worrying that my husband is going to fall off a roof. I'm such a horrible friend :-( I honestly do love my awards and memes, and I thank you for thinking of me! Just WAIT until you see this ceremony that I've been working on though. I promise you it's quite impressive... (Click "Read more" Click it! Click it!!!)

I received TWO (yep, that's more than one!) awesome awards from one of my new favorite people Ann at A Nice Place In The Sun. Ann is a writer, and I find her blog fun, inspiring, and thought provoking all at the same time! You'll be thanking me for sending you to her blog! She gave me:
This award is Mel at Monday Morning Powers new feel good award for the blogs who display winning attitudes on their blogs! Here are Mels reasons for passing out this award:

" This award seems like a natural given what my site is all about. This award is based on positive thinking and is meant for those blogs who base their existence, in part or in whole, on Positive Winning Attitudes."

I pass this award on to:
Stacey at JameeForever
Linda at Are We There Yet
Tammy at Mom Knows Everything
GiGi at Girl Gone Wild (Bible Style)
Rachel at Soulful Thoughts of Rachel
Holly at Mama Pajama
Carrie at Rantings of a Woman

Ann also gave me this cool award:
This award was created by Mark of MeAndMyDrum, who said that the BeTheBlog phrase stuck in his head from a meme Tish from TheKatHouse sent him about what it means to be a successful blogger.

To quote his words to BeTheBlog, "really sums up what a successful blogger does. And what I mean by successful is that they make it their own, stay with it, are interactive with their readers, and just plain have fun."

I want to pass this on to all of my blogging friends, because all of you work at your blog to make it what it is. Each blog is unique, and you all inspire me. However, I may get in trouble for passing this award on to everyone I know ;-) So, I'll select just a few (although I hate having to do that!)
Bradley at The Egel Nest
David at authorblog
Vic at Cariboo Ponderer
The Gal Herself at One Gal's Musings
Bridget at And Miles To Go Before We Sleep
Tammy at Mom Knows Everything

This post isn't over yet! This is an extra long award ceremony, because...well, I've been neglectful. Carrie at Rantings of a Woman also blessed me with a very beautiful award.
This one is really tough for me to choose who to pass it along to. Do you realize how many fabulous friends I have met through blogging??? I mean seriously! How can I choose?
Early on in blogging, I met and discovered great friendships with:
The Lawn Mower Queen (She's my BF who convinced me to start blogging to begin with!)
Bubba's Sis
But, it doesn't stop there! As I continued blogging, I developed so many more beautiful friendships. Like those with:
Smalltown RN
The Gal Herself
(I'm sure there are many more, and I apologize if I have missed you!!! I'll be pretty gosh darn impressed with myself if I get all these links done and correct before bedtime!) There! I shouldn't get in trouble now, because I was very choosy when passing this award on ;-)

Last, but definitely NOT least (cuz she's my BBFF), Tammy at Mom Knows Everything passed this award on to me:
I'd like to pass this award on to some of the blogs that particularly inspire me or continue to evoke emotion or thought for me.
Bradley at The Egel Nest
David at authorblog
Ann at A Nice Place In The Sun
Sandee at Comedy Plus
JD at The Uneasy Supplicant
Bridget at And Miles To Go Before We Sleep
Janice at Twist & Skewer

Whew!!! How's that for an awards ceremony??? (and a little linky love too hehehe) Going to go hide now, so the award police can't find me.



Wow! Thank you! I am honored!

I've got a couple awards that I need to do a post on myself but I just keep forgetting - I need to learn to write this stuff down or tag it or something. Or just write the post!! Ah, but that's easier said than done, isn't it?

Misty, You got me! Don't you love the peek-a-boo hack? And thank you for such a fantastic compliment and shout out for ANPITS. You are one of my favorite new friends as well.

Great post and congrats, you deserve these awards. :))



Congratulations on getting the BTB award. And congratulations to those you bestowed it to. Have an awesome weekend!

Smalltown RN

You deserve every award you get...and you know...sometimes life is busy..and we do what we can...and when you can post and say hello that is great....

As far as the banner ....I think you should do a banner that reflects you and how you want others to see you.....I love the puppy...and you love your dogs...I love your flicker photos with all the about pick a theme that relfects you and change the photos within that theme periodically.....


Thank you for the award, you are so sweet! I am behind on awards, I should post them soon. :)


After reading the beginning of this post I think you could use a dose of my other site. come on over and register a complaint at


Wow! Never got an award before. Thanks so very much. I hope I can keep up your expectations.


Aw! Mahalo, my friend. I'm very flattered to be included in such an auspicious list!

Mom Knows Everything

Thank you Misty!!! You are so sweet and good to me. I couldn't ask for a better BBFF! You ROCK girl!


Thank you twice. Wow, this is awesome. I'll get a post up today. Big hug. Did I tell you I have a Thanksgiving thank you for you? Well, I do. :)


Oh thank you ever so much! I really really need to do a post on all the lovely awards folks have given me. But I am a lazy sod!


david mcmahon

Hi Misty,

May I very humbly say I feel very honoured?

Accolades always make my day, even though no bloggers actively seeks them.

Merci, madame - and I hope you have a great weekend.


I do value all of the new friends I have made in webland...thank you Misty Dawn...truly.


Congrats on all your awards! And thank you very much for honoring me with the friendship one! Very cool indeed. :)


Congratulations on those awards and THANK YOU SO MUCH for thinking of me!! I am so glad that you started blogging because I got to meet you!! You're the best--thanks for thinking of me today. I'm a little under the weather today (got food poisoning) but I will post about your wonderful kindness on Monday :)


Empress Bee (of the high sea)

awww how sweet is that?? thank you so much!

smiles, bee


Whoooo weeeeee! Mist you're like almost famous and stuff--look at those awards! There should be a hyper-link award for the blogger with the most hypers--you'd be the winnah!

I love the awards, Mist, and I thank you. I'll be having a ceremony over at my place very soon. For now, just know that I revel in your shadows, Misty Dawn!

Crazed Nitwit

Miss Misty Dawn the blogger with the mostest!!! Congrats on all your awards. You deserve them. Hugs. Thanks for passing them on, I know you just want me to put on another awards show with some mega hunks......hehehe.

May the smile you give to me reflect right back to you.


misty, thanks for showing me some love baby. you will keep me seeing me around.

be blessed.


Thank you sooo much! I'm afraid my post would be as long as yours, I've been dreadful lately... Thank you!!!
And congrats with all the awards!


Congratulations on all your awards they'll look great on your sidebar! :)

The Owners

Thanks Misty. This post must have taken you forever - links galore.

Girl Gone Wild - BibleStyle

Dang! (I keep saying dang today!) You are having an awesome sting of love right now. How DO you do it? Thanks for the double award. I'll have to see if I can do half the wonderful job you did to post an award ceremony.


Congrats on all the awards! And thank you for thinking of me.

I need to have one of these major award ceremonies, too. I have a few awards I haven't collected or passed on yet. I must get to it. You've inspired me.

The Egel Nest

Wow...your blog friendship is reward enough...but I'll gladly add these to my sidebar :)

Thanks...and I am glad to see my puppy back on top :)

The Egel Nest


Why thank you! :)

Mimi Lenox

Misty, Thank you so very much. I am honored to be among your blog friends. I will display it proudly and pass it on!

Feel the blog love, won't ya?

Mimi Lenox

Oops. And a big congratulations to YOU for being so popular in the blogosphere! You are an awesome blogger with one of the most incredible peace globes I've ever seen. I'll never forget seeing that for the first time. (Thanks, Sanni as well...)

Heart of Rachel

Thank you very much Misty. A first award for my new site. It's a great honor and I really appreciate it. Thank you for always thinking of me.

The Gal Herself

What a cool post to come back to! Thank you. I'm displaying my awards with pride right now.

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