Friday, November 16, 2007

Photos Are Transferred

It has been a hectic and crazy day. It feels like I've been doing a dozen things at one time all day long.

The good news is I got my photos off of the camera's memory card. It took me a long time, because the program kept shutting down, but I was persistent and eventually got all the photos transferred to a flash drive. When I was almost done, I discovered one photo that hadn't written to the card correctly and said "file error". Once I deleted that photo, everything seemed to work just fine :-)

I'll post again in a little while to update you on my crazy day. Right now, I need to visit all of your blogs, because I haven't had time to do that yet today.



Yay for getting your pics off the card :)


I hate that little flutter of your heart when your pictures don't "quite" transfer. Glad you got them all. Have a great weekend.


great news....this one of the sky is incredible....I so love sky pictures

david mcmahon

Truly a beautiful shot.

And, Misty, remember how you told me: ``On a side note, David. I did an Amazon search for you first book - nothing available under $58!!!''

Well, have I got news for you ...

A couple of minutes ago a friend in the US email me to say:

``Here is the link to the store where I got your book

It was about 8 dollars and arrived by airmail, beautifully packaged.''

Hope that works better for you!!




Excellent shot Misty. Glad you managed to get your images transferred.

Mom Knows Everything

I'm glad you fixed it. I still haven't read the manual that cam with my camera. LOL! Can't wait to see the Christmas decorations. hehehehe!!!


That is a gorgeous picture!

I'm always paranoid about the pictures I take. Once I get them off the card and onto my computer, I usually leave them on the card too, just in case, until I have a chance to burn them to CD or DVD or something. I never thought about having trouble getting them off the card! I'm glad you managed to get yours off.


Nice shot indeed. I just wanted you to know that I've added you in my Google reader and my buddy list on my sidebar. That means you are one of my regular visits. Have a great evening and weekend. :)

The Egel Nest

Remember when we all had word processors and all the information was save don floppy disks...I lost so many great works of writing that

The Egel Nest


Hooray you're good to do then! You know, I feel so disconnected when I miss a few days visiting--I've been so darn busy with life I've not been around. Miss a day and miss so much! xo


Yay!!!! Great news about your pictures.


Beautiful picture!

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