Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random Thoughts, Comments, & Questions

1. I was just messing around and teasing Bradley about the blog banner, because he asked where the cute puppy went. And, to be honest, I had a very hard time taking the puppy photo off. But, it is the holiday season. So, I honestly wanted your input. I'm thinking a trip 'to town' (did that for you Bradley) is in order - certainly they will have little Santa hats and reindeer antlers for sale in stores around here... right? We'll see.

2. Y'all thought I was kidding about my speech audience members having four legs???

3. Do you realize how cold my bathroom is right now?

4. Now, they have the addition part almost completely enclosed with plywood. So, now, as the cat sits outside the bedroom/bathroom door and carries on... she echoes. It's kinda creepy (Yes, LMQ - It's Mokey, and, yes she IS pregnant again!).

5. If you are wondering about the above comment - my cat has the ability to make friends before we are even moved in yet. I think she was calling them as she traveled down the road - "Watch out Missouri, Mokey has arrived." She's a bit of a tramp. Scary thing is, she seems rather proud of it.

6. I woke up this morning to the sound of my husband's truck. I realized he was heading to town to the hardware store (again), so I ran outside in my sheep slippers to wave to him (since we haven't actually communicated for days). He jumped out of the truck and came running. My heart leaped as I thought he was running to give me a good morning kiss. He got to the porch and... looked deep into my eyes... and.... said.... "I need the checkbook." Gosh, It's like right directly out of a romance novel, isn't it?!?!

7. I can't get any photos off of my memory stick for my camera. Of course, I'm a slacker and have photos on there from August! I can't talk about this much longer, or I'll have a heart attack. I'm praying it's just the card reader that is messed up! Literally. I'm praying. For Real.

8. I've also been a miserable and rotten slacker when it comes to blog awards and memes. Some of you have been so considerate and thoughtful to give me some fabulous awards and tag me with some fun memes. I promise to take care of those posts tomorrow. I've just been... well... slacking. Please, forgive me.

I've got the chance to go to sleep early tonight - I better take advantage of it (especially considering that the pounding and banging seems to be starting earlier each morning). Talk to all of you, my wonderful blogging friends, tomorrow! Love ya!


Travis Cody

Oh I had the same problem with my camera holding my photos hostage. I had to re-install my software and then everything worked fine.

Good luck with that.

Dallas Meow

yeah, sometimes I have to turn around and sneak up on my technology for it to cooperate.


um, regarding the pictures that you can't transfer. The same thing happened to me during our family vacation and I nearly lost it. I found this really lifesaving program that will RESTORE EVERYTHING!! It will cost you $20 to buy the program, but it can be easily downloaded off of the net and it really saved me (I don't want to mention the name of it here because I don't want to appear as though I'm advertising). Email me (you know where I live!) if you need to go this route. You can download the program for free to see if it's going to work for you but you need a code to UNLOCK it.

Hope you're having a great day!


I feel so sorry for you that you're dealing with renovations this time of year! How hard that must be.

I've toyed with the idea of having "our" stray, Tweetie spayed just so we won't find ourselves supporting more strays.

Aw! Did your hubby @ least give you a smooch?

I wish you good sleep! Sleep has become a luxury, hasn't it?



Number #6 almost broke my heart, but I was laughing too hard. Number 7 would give me a heart attack. I am praying for ya!

Mom Knows Everything

You give your husband the checkbook??? My hubby doesn't even have his bank card in his wallet, it's in mine. LOL!!!!


Oh gosh, I feel your pain about the pictures. I hope it is just a glitch.

I'm truly sorry about #6. That stinks.

The Egel Nest

Make sure when you are going "to town" to tightly secure your horse to the hitching post before going into the saloon.

And avoid the brothel...


The Egel Nest


ROFLMAO..."I need the checkbook"

That statement resembles my Ex soooo much!

Actually, when I think about it. He would have ran up the porch...past me standing there and said..."I gotta pee before I leave"


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