Friday, November 2, 2007

Ready To Go Back To Bed

It's been a hectic morning already, and I've only been up for a few hours!

First, I tossed and turned all night due to this stupid sinus infection. I was finally sleeping soundly when the phone rang... an hour and a half before I needed to get up! Ugh. Took care of that and went back to sleep.

After I got up and functioning, I had to order heartworm pills for the dogs. Considering we have three dogs - that gets expensive!
Now, I'm paying bills - that's always such a pleasure... NOT
In the middle of trying to pay bills, I realize that my college tuition was due... yesterday. OOPS!
Pay tuition - go back to paying regular bills... Sister-in-law is having trouble with her current online college class, so she needs to talk and vent via the Instant Messenger.
Some guy pulled in my driveway, and he and my husband were up walking on the roof of the house... Don't really know what that was all about.
Now, I've got to finish paying bills so I can do some homework so I can get busy doing other tasks that need done!



I sure hope the rest of the day goes better for you! I absolutely hate paying bills as there's never enough money to pay them (hence the reason I do all the paid posts!). I've got so much to do today and no ambition to do it ... going back to bed sounds lovely!!

Cathy, Amy and Kristina

I'll be doing the bill-paying over the weekend. Ugh. Too depressing.

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